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May I buy a quality reincarnation?

I have learned that Ed Koch has bought the circumstances that is associated by his death.
I wanna go further: when I’ll start my next life
I do not wanna be less than a Shaytan with
beautiful woman in my harem.
Can I buy that confidence of mine extended further than a tombstone?


  • if the interpretation of “one” verse in the bible is true the answer is no!

    reincarnation is not true.

    however if the historical Nay sayers are wrong, reincarnation is only given to those that are too good for hell.
    there is another verse which says the spirits of the people that were sometimes rebellious in the days of noah remained in spirit prison until the day of resurrection. even then! the body of DAVID was not found to be among those resurrected.

    glenn kimball teaches that reincarnation is a “corruption” of the doctrine of the resurrection.

  • absolutly, just send me a check for 2 thousand dollers and i will personaly make sure that you get reincarnated as whatever you want.

  • Well considering that the circumstances of purchasing power are mediated by humans and are therefore despite our best forms of confusion constrained to that which can be in reality performed or created by humans, I thus conclude the probability of this being the case is negligible.

    I’m sorry… were you looking for someone with a fancy robe to give money to?

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