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May I ask the assistance of a Medium?

I have been engaging in psychic activity lately, as advised by a renowned medium that i should train my third eye to gain its full potential, and have followed his instructions as advised in order to manually open and close ny third eye. Ever since, I have been feeling Very vulnerable, and now when i try the White Veil,the Veil turns black and i see dark shapes moving towards me.
What does this mean?
How do i stop it?


  1. Before you engage in anything psychic, it is important to ask Spirit for a blessing beforehand, so that you are protected from these low-level spirits who are enjoying giving you a hard time.
    I wish you much success on your journey!

  2. meditate and take everything slowly. I don’t know what they mean but they definitely mean something big is about to happen

  3. my goodness who on earth have you been speaking with ?
    someone has been feeding you all sorts of nonsense I am sorry
    being a medium should never leave you with any thoughts of anything but good
    there are no negative spirits , just negative thoughts brought on by fear
    just because a medium is well known , does not mean they are good
    look at Derek Akorah
    scrap everything you have been taught
    open yourself to spirit , know that spirit is love
    and just enjoy
    get in touch if you wish to


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