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May be rubish, but auras, possibly real?

My ten year old cousin has seen strange lights and colors since she was a baby. What she describes sounds like the phenomana of auras. She says she often sees purple and green around me. What does that mean?She said she had a dream. In the dream she was in a room with just me and then she was surrounded by an orange glow and she then fainted. I know its odd. What could this mean?


  1. she is becoming clairvoyant. Im pretty sure. Its a great gift make sure she knows its nothing bad and she shouldnt be scared of it.

  2. http://www.thiaoouba.com/see_aura_color.htm
    What do you mean rubbish?! Are you kidding- aura is factual- it is the energy around every one of us. The fact that she is able to see them means is more in touch with herself and her psyche than the rest of us. She should meditate and concentrate more. For her the arts of Zen, hypnosis, and chakras will come alot easier!
    The website explains it all plus color meaning!

  3. she could have a vision problem, the halo effect can show up in many optical disorders and should be checked out. There is no scientific proof of auras and it has been tested scientifically many times – no person has ever been able to see one, no instrument has been able to detect one, etc. They don’t exist, so start figuring out if your cousin is just making things up because she gets a rise out of people, is actually seeing something due to a disorder, or has got something going on in her head that coud be other problems.

  4. You have certain Chakras purple is your third eye green is your lower body. So the question would be do you have stomach problems and seem to have an awareness unexplained. The best bet is to read about it learn as much as you can learn. That is the best answer and guidance.


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