May be moving to Boston?Curious @ affordable apts in safe, clean yet artsy & progressive minded neighborhoods?

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A friend may have a potential job hookup teaching qigong in Boston, not sure yet if or where in Boston.
Having never lived there, and only been there once to visit her and her husband a few months ago, I know relatively nothing about the area and community there. Only that I hear it can be quite cold, which does not appeal to me at all.
I live in california now partly due to the weather being of a warmer nature generally. Granted the San Francisco bay area is not the warmest of cali weather, but its warmer than Oregon where i was before.
If the job ends up being available to me, Im not sure how long i would stay in Boston? Maybe a year? Definitely love the SF Bay area, including its warmer nature. Feel at home here. But also could use the particular job experience if it opens up.
Anyone from the Boston area feel like sharing about its specific areas of living that could be valuable to know for someone involved in natural health promotion arts such a
…Anyone from the Boston area feel like sharing about its specific areas of living that could be valuable to know for someone involved in natural health promotion arts such as massage, qigong, etc..?
Nicer, clean, safe & health conscious yet affordable areas ( less than $600 month for clean, spacious & beautiful one bedroom? ) to rent? Ideally with nearby organic food stores. And minus crack viles & shootings?
If anyone rides a motorcycle in Boston area, how much freezing rain, snow & slush riding is available on average out of a full year?
Any other information or suggestions for moving & making a comfortable, semi-permanant yet not lifetime move there is greatly appreciated.
It would help to be more specific about what I mean by affordable.
Around $600 per month for a clean, safe, spacious one bedroom apt. in a neighborhood as mentioned?
Thank you everyone for your answers!
Very kind of you to take your time to share. I did not realize how expensive rent and housing is there until today. Crazy! What is the matter with people charging such outrageous prices for basic, decent shelter in this country?
Anyway, its not my ideal location it seems apparent. May be worth while for a little while for the job? Maybe? Ive time to decide.
Thanks again.

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I dont know much about real estate but i can tell you about teh community. There is many shops and GREAT food. Parks and public transit. It does get cold but the other seasons are great. The city looks pretty in the fall. Many things to do. (many condos)


You will not be able to find anything for $600/month within 50 miles of Boston, not even in the bad neighborhoods. If you mean $600 per person, $1200 total, you can find a nice, albeight small one bedroom in some very nice neighborhoods. Look at Arlington, Brighton/Allston (although full of college students), Belmont, Watertown, South Boston, Central Square, Cambridge, Charlestown, Newton, you should be able to find a nice 1 bedroom for $1200/month in those neighborhoods.
If you really mean only $600/month total, you will be completely out of luck. Even if you moved 40 miles outside of the city in Worcester, you still wouldn’t find anything in that range.


from your descriptive question I can tell you probably wont enjoy the northeast. we have 4-5 months of cold, wet, nasty non-riding weather. not every day but enough for me to discourage you if I can. $600 bucks will get you a rooming house room with a view…and a smell. While there are many of the neighborhoods that you describe all about Boston and the surrounds, they just are too expensive. my mom’s a teacher I know how underpaid feels.i guess it depends on what you choose to sacrifice, the ideal job vs location vs quality of life. i hope this helps, sorry about the negative tone, its honesty. DAVE


The areas you may like, in order: Cambridge (anywhere), Brookline, Davis Square (Somerville), Jamaica Plain, the South End, parts of Dorchester. Further from the city, possibly Arlington, Newton, or Wellesley.
Note that some of those areas may be considered ‘bad’ neighborhoods, and nowhere in the Boston area is affordable. You will not find a 1 BR for $600 anywhere — not even surrounded by crack vials. If you want your own place, be ready to pay at least $1000 a month, and or quickly re-evaluate your definition of ‘safe’
You can live with roommates for $600+ per month.
Culturally, Boston skews very liberal and progressive. You probably would not have trouble finding people who share your interests, and certainly will have no problem finding organic markets.
If you live in the city of San Francisco already, you should know the cost of living in Boston is comparable.


for $600 you won’t have much luck, but look for roomates in and around allston/brighton/brookline area….brookline is nice with trader joes and whole foods and college kids are always lookin for a roomate for $500 plus but everything in boston is easy to get to by the T….also Porter Sq in Cambridge is relatively cheap and look for a roomate…good luck


Boston really isn’t that cold I would say winter temperatures go from anywhere between 0F to 40F, They’re usually in the low thirties during the day. But compared to California, you might find it a bit chilly. Basically, because Boston is right on the water it gets a decent amount of warm air in the winter. However, that also results in a couple feet of snow every winter.
Boston is an expensive place to live. But as a whole, it is a safe city as long as you keep your head down and don’t look for trouble. Cambridge is a lot of fun, but pricey. If you’re looking for something inexpensive and nice, you probably will have to go out of the city. Maybe to Lowell or Chelmsford.


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