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Martial Arts: Empty Chi?

I’ve heard from my counselor, who use to be into martial arts, that they have discovered a new Chi Type called Empty Chi, which uses no energy to attack, but is still more powerful then normal chi. He said it was based off how animals fight as they use hardly little to no energy to strike. Now is this fact or fiction? I’ve been to a few web sites talking about something like this, but I’m not sure if its the same thing.\
I have visited a web site which talks about empty chi, which allows for a person to move an object, person, or thing without touching them.
The link is right here:


  1. Chi is real. The reason soldiers don’t use it is because it takes many years to learn to control properly and they simply don’t have the time. They need simple, effective techniques that can be learned very quickly.
    Chi is not magic. It is energy. Some people spend a great deal of time learning to focus and control this energy. If you think of it in terms of electricity, it would be like building up a static charge and then releasing it. However, just like static electricity, once you discharge it you need to build it back up. The ‘masters’ who demonstrate these acts of Chi manipulation are able to spend hours doing nothing but breathing and exercising in order to focus their Chi energy. The average person has to work for a living and can’t dedicate the amount of time that it takes to do this.
    It’s real. It works. It just takes more effort than most of us are willing to dedicate.
    Edit: I watched the video that Bluto linked to and it made me laugh. It also made me understand why people would not believe in real Chi energy. It’s similar to me telling you that someone used their Chi energy to say part the Red Sea, or turn water into wine. That would be totally ridiculous, right?

  2. Science has proved there is no chi energy, watch the discovery channel show on it… Now Science can neither prove NOR deny the existence of God. So it is left up to faith…. those who have faith in Chi need to read the research of how it HAS been proven false…. we cannot create energy (the type you are talking about) with our bodies.
    Energy can neither be destroyed nor created as you have learned in science. So how can we manifest this power? Its false… No one can bend a candle flame you goof nugget. I laugh when people say they can use Chi against you, normally I help them off the floor and try to explain to them where they are. After the medics leave with them we all have a good laugh.
    Now a Chi bath would be nice!
    Dillman is an idiot…. and anyone who follows his “cult” practices is a laughable disgrace to martial arts.
    Watch these and laugh kids….

  3. for every site you can find about magical “chi” I can find 10-20 that talk about witchcraft and voodoo.
    another load of bunk.
    people believe in “magical” chi because they want to be lied to. they want so bad to believe it is real- that they do and thier mind crosses the skeptical barrier between logic and reason and insanity.
    I want to believe that I can stick my finger in a gun like bugs bunny and stop the bullet, however no amount of wanting to do it is going to bend the rules of physics.
    the debate exists largely because different people attribute different meanings to chi. it is not the term itself- it is what it is bieng used to represent.
    I have heard teachers and MAists use the term chi to describe adrenalin, structure, technique, etc. which are all legitimate and testable things. however when people throw around the term to describe a con, like this guy who seems to be constantly assaulted by funky chicken dancers, then confusion is created and bulls hit is born- or continued. 9/10 when someone mentions chi, they mean the magical crap which is total bs.

  4. Oh, yes…. There is such a thing. Luke Skywalker used it in the Star Wars movies. He just called it the Force.
    Come on, man…. Use a little common sense. There is such a thing as Chi. However, it is grossly misunderstood and mystical fantasies are played up as the use of some magical force.
    It is energy and is in the matter that makes up your body, mine, objects and the world we live in. It’s not some magical, mystical force that allows me to knock you on your a$$ from 100 yards away without the use of some projectile.
    People need to spend more time learning the real martial arts and stop dreaming of being a Jedi.

  5. its possible… ill believe when i c tho. ..an the website dont work… if it were around i think iw would of been dicovered long ago..when ppl were good at ki
    ex: yes i 2 dont like dillman… and that mr young crap… was totally fake

  6. There is definately Chi energy.
    As for “science has proven that there is no such thing as chi”…
    Any scientist will tell you that.
    The “empty chi” sounds like fiction to me! Are you sure s/he wasn’t talking about “using chi in Empty Hand”? Empty Hand Tai Chi forms are the forms that you usually see people practicing — without a weapon i.e.; their hands are empty.
    This “new discovery” sounds like: FA JIN.
    Fa Jin techniques have been around for a VERY long time.
    BTW: The link is a dead end.


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