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I was curious about the use of chi energy in martial arts – this is a sketchy topic, but I think it could be feaseable?
A lot of people dismiss Chi Energy, or a Chi Energy ball as a myth, not a reality – however I’ve heard from a lot of people, and read, that it’s actually a real thing.
I mean – something obvouisly is kinda a myth if next to no one has ever witnessed it, or backed it up – however I have had more then one person over the years tell me about it and say it’s a real thing.
I knew one girl in particular a few years back who had a master who could make chi energy balls, and he actually demonstrated it on her before – but he only would teach a choice few students. I hear this with a lot of the so-called masters who can use chi – they are really selective of their students, and it’s kinda a closed-doors thing.
I actually had my chi read as well, I apparently have a uncommonly strong chi energy, though I don’t really know how to use or focus it at all.
My question is if anyone else know about this – can you reinforce it’s existence? What would I have to do, who to go to, If I seriously wanted to learn how to use Chi Energy like that. I find it intriguing because it’s obviously out there, and it sounds like this may be the ultimate challenge for pure focus, meditation, control, and mental discipline.


  1. So you believe in chi because a couple of people have told you stories about it? Do you also believe in Bigfoot? The Loch Ness Monster? Psychic telephone services? Alien abductions? Because there are many people who would also swear these things are real too.
    Chi does not exist. It has never been demonstrated or proven to a skeptical observer – it can only be “proven” to people who already believe it exists.
    You might as well try to learn The Force.

  2. This Guy is an idiot Chi is obviously real and it is wht martial artist used to balance themselves and find there center

  3. Chi energy is very real. I am a master of Tai Chi Chuan (Chen style). I have studied the arts for 35 years, both in America and overseas. I am also a 5th degree black belt in Taekwondo. I also have military training from 10 years in the Special Forces (Airborne). I know nothing of a “ball of energy”? I think your friend is pulling your leg. She watched “The Last Dragon” and forgot herself. Chi is created from within. It will be either positive or negative. When a person breaks a board, it is a combination of proper form and technique as well as focusing your power, your “chi”, if you will, to a single point. Negative chi is what happens to people who go down the wrong path. They are in gangs, drugs, homeless, etc.. Hang around positive people with positive chi, positive things will happen. Same goes for those who hang out with negative people. Unless you get involved in martial arts, you may never fully grasp the potential and the power that comes from positive chi. Chi energy can be seen by the results of your actions. Whether it be in your day to day job, or whether it be in the breaking of boards or competition in and out of the ring.

  4. Is there such as thing as chi or ki? Yes, there is. You can harness and focus energy to produce a stronger punch or kick.
    Can you throw it across some distance and knock someone out? I doubt it. The only “evidence” I’ve seen has involved a person who believes it can be done. So far, I’ve seen nothing but failures when a skeptic is brought in to the picture.
    One example:
    Putting your tongue or toes in certain positions can keep your opponent from being knocked out? In that case, I would rather depend on making physical contact instead of throwing a chi ball if I needed to do it to save my life.

  5. Martial artists devote a lifetime to develop chi but based on a personal experience, I suspect some people can be born with well-developed forms of it or accumulate it without even knowing the term or concept. Years ago I posed for a photo with the then welterweight boxing champ, Robert Duran (aka Hand of Stone) at a party in the SF Mission district.
    As I might do with any “old buddy” when posing for a photo I put my arm around his shoulder and gave him an affectionate “tug”. Unlike with similar experiences with other guys, his body did not move even the slightest. It was as if I was tugging on a big tree or concrete post in spite of the fact I was a foot taller and weighed 80 pounds more. It was a memorable experience and convinced me the energy form exists.

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