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(Maple Story) can anyone tell me how much i should sell these items for?

Crystal wand
Gold earings
Ribboned pig headband
Leaf earings
Pig illustrated
Korean Fan
Thanks x]
north american server


  1. er it would be a lot easier to decide the price if you wrote the stats of each one down. but ill try
    crystal wand: lets say 100-200k
    Gold earings: really really cheap like 10-50k
    Ribboned pig headband: it really depends wehre u sell them like some people can sell them for like 1 mil some for like 100k so lets say 100k-1mil
    Leaf earings: not so expensieve- 100-300k
    Pig illustrated: cheap too about 50-100k?
    Korean Fan: depends about stats as usual 50k-4mil ( the 4 mil one is for fans that are good and scrolled)
    Ok so yeah these are just my estimates but yeah you might be able to sell it for more so just try to haggle them and get more money.
    Hopefully i helped
    (mabye you can send me the stats so i could make acurate prices)


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