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Manny Pacquiao on steroids? A cyclists view.?

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I know i’m likely going to get flamed for this but I’ve just been thinking about this more and more… some of what i wrote in the thread of one of the article on pacquiao on this site..
I may be cynical, because I come from the sport of cycling where when you see a performances that just don’t make sense.. they are usually performance that were hatched out of a bottle. as crazy as the things that Mayweather Sr. says sometimes.. the more I think about it the more I smell a rat. You know what they say? when something seems too good to be true, it’s because it IS too good to be true.
You move up 4 weight classes (real weight classes.. not that the claimed 7 with.. jr, sr BS we have these days.. REAL weight classes), you’re almost 31 years old now.. and you have better power, great chin and pay no penalty at all in speed?? WTF!?! not just that but the speed with which he has moved up.. pretty damn fast!!
And i know there are going to be incredibly naive people who say.. well they are all drug tested, so how could he be on drugs? well, duh.. as we see from cycling they just use stuff that they are not testing for or can’t test for or use it when they are not testing..
a) google balco.. marion jones, kelly white, mosely, barry bonds etc never tested positive the ‘the clear’ a “designer steroid” that at the time was undetectable. it was designed in a lab to not be detectable. telephone record, bank records, phone taps messed up the “perfect plan”. that and a disgruntled former member of jones’ team that handed the authorities a sample of this undetectable steroid.. frig, they even had a masking agent for it, if at some point it ever did become detectable. it was a drug used for narcolepsy (that’s people that spontaneously fall sleep). suddenly at the world track championships kelly white and other started testing positive for the masking agent.. even got a doctor to write up a fake prescription for it even though she had no previous history of it (lost his license over it.. doh!). and it would be easy to design a new one as well… i have a BSc in Chemistry.. move a few carbons here, a few hydrogens there and boom, you have an new undetectable steroid..
b) they don’t test for hGH (human growth hormone).. effectively making it undetectable..
c) micro dosing testosterone is also an option..
c) they don’t in boxing, but in cycling they have unannounced, targeted, out of competition testing.. you need to test WELL before the fight when fighters are preparing for the fight, building bulk in the gym and when it will actually be in there systems.. if fighter stops taking it weeks prior to the event, when you test it will be out of his systems by then.. they test on fight night so of course they would find nothing… why would anyone in their right mind take it at that point anyway, it would be totally useless at that point, and you know their testing for it so you’d be pretty stupid to be taking then.
anyway, it’s likely only pacquiao and his “strength coach” that know for sure, but i gotta say, something really does smell fishy to me..
maybe i’m jaded from cycing and i don’t mean to sh!t on pacquiao’s parade, but something just doesn’t seem right here.. this kind of thing just does not happen… in real life anyway.. in disney movies, it happens all the time..
oh, well, i’m just going have to hold my nose and swallow it for now and assume that Pacquiao has a really good strength coach, got the premium vitamin water, and always was a natural welter weight all these years.


  1. Pacquiao always had the power and speed man. It’s not like he was a NOBODY before he beat the crap out of De La Hoya and Hatton. Be honest, De La Hoya was dehydrated and Hatton had no defense. Cotto wasn’t fast enough. Say what you want to say, but Pacquiao was ALWAYS an aggressive fighter with power and speed. NOW he just got better skills.

  2. It’s good you said you just have to swallow it for now that pac has good strength coach etc…if not my advice would be just stick to cycling. don’t watch boxing.. You mentioned Pac is to good to be true..what Pac did is not impossible…it’s just his natural weight…he cannot even reach the limit of a welterweight for that matter…if he will be fighting at heavyweights and still keeps winning, that is when you start to believe that his on roids or even at middle weight..

  3. Well, Bruce Lee transformed his body without the use of PED’s, and he achieved a higher state of performance and suffered no noticeable loss of speed and he was older than Pacquiao when he died. Granted, he never gained as much weight as Manny, but that was not his goal and, if it were, almost certainly could have. I’m not sure why you think he should be slower now. Is it because he’s older or because he’s bigger. It’s a common myth that gaining muscle mass will slow you down. In extreme cases where flexibility is affected and the like, it can, but Manny is still relatively lithe and is not at all bulky. Maybe he just works his effin @$$ off. I can’t say I’ve made up my mind, but I don’t like the fact that some tool’s accusation has turned into convictions of guilt in the minds of many. I would like to see him take the tests just to shut everyone up. Honestly, I sometimes suspect that this entire thing is just a publicity ploy to make this the fight of the decade. It certainly seems to be having that effect.

  4. of course you’ll wonder how or why such power resides on this li’l brown mongoloid, right? you have the right to be suspiscious since you saw such power the first time or just recently…
    but what if you’ve been seeing the same power 10-12 years ago? will you think the same? will you be able to concoct such stup!d theory against the same power? or will you be able to say he’s been roiding since he start boxing?
    i’ve been watching pac since he’s 19…..still the same power upto now on an ever evolving skill….will you blame me if i dont see the malice you’re are seeing?
    sure there are loses, and there are average or unimpressive wins…that only shows he is an erring boxer thriving for perfection, and because he aint a natural boxer w/ his skill just developed, it definitley has a flaw…a doable and can be beaten flaw…same flaw few of his brave opponents almost solved if not totally….
    but your coward floyd, eaten up by greed, by envy, by jealousy, by insecurities, by fear of losing, failed to see or believed in that flaw and chose a way out by publicly accusing pac of roiding w/o any proofs instead of proving his worth as a boxer he claims to be…
    hold that nose tight now dude before it bleeds due to the truth you just heard…ok?

  5. manny pacquiao work hard everytime he have a fight…no PED’s or HGH…
    a very hardworking person can beat the crap out of any boxer, pure hardwork and talent

  6. I don’t care what you claim to have a B.S. in, because if you’re an educated man then why are you talking about things you can not prove? It’s been three years since Manny fought at 125lbs., if you ask Roach and them, they’ll tell you Manny was having trouble making weight back then when fighting Morales and them, the move up was inevitable. Like I told somebody before, when I was 23 I weighed 150lbs, could’nt bench my weight, now I’m 33, could bench almost 300lbs. and I’m almost as quick as I was when I was 23. I really don’t see what the big deal is. Roy Jones became a heavyweigght for christ sake and was still pretty quick.

    Commissions are changing testing protocols because of all the suspicious athletes. As you may recall Pac was ordered by the NSAC to undergo random drug tests under the suspect athlete rule. Pac then broke off negotiations with Floyd, fled the NSAC juristiction, fled $$$$$$$$$$ and EASY tests, to become a cherry picking bottom feeder with Clottey.
    Pac has become such a disgrace that even reputable media like Sports Illustrated has refered to him as having “stench” attached to him from his fiascos.

  8. All steroids are made in cells either from the sterols lanosterol (animals and fungi) or cycloartenol (plants). Both,
    Sterols are special forms of steroids, with a hydroxyl group at the atom C-3 and a skeleton derived from cholestane.
    Cholesterol is one of the best known sterols.
    Artificial Steriod can enhanced a body mass but deenhanced your speed.
    How Pacquiao defeat his opponent? Do you think on his single power shot?
    His power can’t down his oponent without speed.
    So, how many said that Pacquiao was on steriod?


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