Making a ring like frodo's?

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I would like to make a ring like frodo’s, but with slightly different powers, The powers I would like are.
Biokinesis (the ability to alter living things)
Atmokinesis (the ability to control the weather)
Reading the memories of the dead
Communication with the dead
The ability to speak any language in any accent
The ability to imitate any personality perfectly
The ability to apport objects (make gold appear from nowhere)
Vitakinesis (to harm and heal)
Increased intelligence (preferably omnicience)
The ability to control the free will of others
Guaranteed good luck
Guaranteed win in game or contest
Increased physical strength
and Invisibility
How would I create such a ring, I don’t want the powers frodo’s ring had, I want the powers above. Would I start with a gold ring and follow the same procedures of making a wand, Cleansng purification etc. I think I would then need to use some sort of dark spell to summon evil spirits so the ring would contain them so It would have a power of its own. I need spells to summon the darkest of spirits, I think the “Legion of the hooded falcon” posessed such knowledge, but they were disbanded and the secret spells were lost. Would any of you know one of those spells.
I think after adding evil spirits to the ring I would have to further “enchant” it by using a crystal from the lemurian city of Telos to increase its power, preferably draining all the power of telos to make the ring extremely powerful. Where on mount shasta are the gates of telos, and how could i get their most powerful crystal?
After enchanting the ring, I think it would be ready, just need the spell, and the crystal. I will use the ring responsibly, and will not use its powers to deliberately harm others. I would mainly use it as a small advantage in cheating in small games and contests, use it to “play” with psychis powers, discover secret knowledge, answer burning queations that are beyond the scope of science, recover lost knowlege forr my own personal use. I will also keep the ring for protection, and let no one know of its powers, as they might be tempted to use them for malicious purposes.
If the ring idea doesn’t work how could I obtain these powers, please list a way to obtain each one, if I can’t make the ring?

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Boromir of Gondor

There is no possible way to create a ring like Souron’s.


Fictional story fictional ring.


You’re 47 and live in your mothers basement don’t you?


You would need to forge it at Mount Doom. Otherwise it wouldn’t work.


LSD is the only way….

Mad Max

You’ll have to travel the world, searching for fountains of magical energy.


yeah, just SLIGHTLY different, riiiight.

Brian J

People who manage to get a little bit of one of these abilities are rare and generally discounted by most other people. Grow up.


Using black or dark magic is very, very bad because it can backfire on you.


Is this better than Diarrhea Milkshake?

I'm a pinecone now! I'm symbolic! I might just be the pineal gland! =D

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