Make myself come back with a ancient ritual?

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Just curious. If i kill myself is there a way i can set up a ritual too come back with powers just before i kill myself?
I have no intention of killing myself, just curious about rituals and all that magic and voodoo stuff.

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The Crimson Ghost

pray to athena?


Of course not. Ancient rituals are no more effective than contemporary rituals, and they’re both just empty rituals with no effect beyond the psychological. Magic and voodoo? Please.
I do like the ‘come back with powers’ part though. I don’t know why you WOULD, but it sure sounds like a classic adolescent fantasy.


No. If your dead, your dead. The connection to your body is severed. There is no way of coming back. Witchcraft cannot do things like that. Witchcraft works with nature, not against it. You cannot defy the laws of nature. Pretty basic stuff to know if your wanting to learn about it.


No.Those powers are not enough to get you back.Search the truth instead and you get real power. traveler22


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