Make a list of some enlightened monarchs from history?

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That is a very difficult question! Most monarch are anything but enlightened.
Frederick the Great was one, William of Orange, possibly Bernadotte of Sweden.


Frederick II the Great of Prussia
William III of England
Louis XV of France
Elizabeth of Russia
Ulrika Eleanora of Sweden
These were all monarchs that accepted some of the principles of science during their rule, Louis XV was slightly limited as he accepted his predecessor Louis XIV’s prerogative more (absolutism). Frederick the Great was perhaps the most obvious example, but William III was perhaps the most enlightened as he was the first official constitutional monarch of England.


Queen Elizabeth the first. No contest. She was highly intelligent. Educated. Politically astute.
Her reign was called the Golden Era. She restored the value of the currency. Her speech to her troops prior to the attempted Spanish Armada invasion was inspirational. Dressed in armour “I may have the body of a weak and feeble woman but I have the heart and stomach of a king and a king of England too”
She (unknowingly) laid the foundations for the Industrial Revolution and Britains rise to world power.
She freed people to worship according to their conscience, CONDITIONAL on accepting the authority of the Crown


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