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Magick/Husband..Is it wrong to try and break up my hubby & his girlfriend?

Ok, We are still legally married, and we have been separated for 4 months, I had found someone else, and so did my hubby. However now I feel I want my hubby back, he is now living with some other chick. Is it morally wrong to try and break up their relationship by way of magick, if he is still legally MY husband?


  1. If you still love him; after all he is still your husband and the other woman should have made sure that he was not legally married before deciding to go out with him, because husbands seldom leave their wives for the other woman.

  2. What is Magick?? I say he’s yours, yah try. Do you have kids with him. If yes, try harder. Just know, she might egg your house or something…….

  3. You both are committing adultery. Get your bible out and find out what that means. Hurry. Time is short. You neither one have a clue what marriage is, neither of you were committed in the marriage nor in your affairs, you want to cheat on the guy you are with now and you want your so called husband to cheat on his new adulteress. Wow.

  4. Yes it’s wrong. You gave up on him so he found someone else. Just because your new relationship failed why should you expect him to be available for you? Just remember this…if you use nature to harm, you will receive back thrice fold. Want to risk that?

  5. honey if you want your man back go take him. Maybe its not that you want him back really maybe you just want to fuck him. If thats the case then fuck him before you go through all the trouble of tryin to break them up incase you dont really want him

  6. I don’t know about using magick, but if you still want him back and you two are still legally married I would suggest finding out if he’s feeling mutually about you. It’s been only four months, not sure how long you been married, but maybe you just want him back because he’s living with the new chick? What is morally wrong is the two of you taking your vows so lightly. If you really want to revive your marriage I suggest counseling not magick. I heard things like that backfire.

  7. got a good laugh from that one!! you really believe in magic?? last time i checked, magic didnt have a k at the end of it, but whatever…what you really need to believe in is karma. you gave him away, and now you want him back? too bad. hope you are happy in your bed that you have made.

  8. 93
    You’re free to do as you will, by whatever methods you will.
    Is it morally wrong? You know that you must be the architect of your own principals. If you follow a particular school of thought, you may be bound by their codes. For example if you are Wiccan and follow the rede.
    What I truly recommend for you, is that you perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. If you are familiar with this ritual, you’ll know it’s benefits. It will help you to move beyond this… that is what you need to do.
    My personal opinion is that you’re being unreasonable. You can’t seperate a marriage and be sexually involved with other people and then be self-righteous about it now that he’s doing the same thing…. at least not in my reality.
    I think the time for reconciliation is over, and that you’ve both taken actions that ensure your relationship can not be renewed. Would your motive in using magick to break up their relationship be to spite him (maybe because yours, which likely came first, didn’t last?), or would it be out of a hope that he’ll come back to you? Either way, you’d be wasting your time and energy. It’s not worth saving!
    Perform the LBRP, and then try and remain grounded. Whoever inititated the seperation (i.e. you), should file for divorce, before the other person beats them to it, and these ego problems expand any further.
    If you are unfamiliar with it and would like help with the ritual, contact me for more information through my profile.
    93 93/93
    Good luck!
    I hope my answer was helpful to you, and didn’t seem overly harsh.


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