hi i just bought a replica of the loki mask and i want it to work like in the film!
is there any possible wishing spells i could use for this? if so let me know! also i wished that i could stop time and start it by the click on my fingers! that hasn’t come true i need some hints and tips x


  1. A replica is not going to work. You’ll only get replica magick, stuff that only happens inside your head. You need Loki’s actual mask.

  2. not only will you need the mask of Loki but you’ll also need some of the beverage known as Loki . . .after consuming enough Loki you will believe your in the film . .

  3. I’m Wiccan, and have never heard of such a spell.
    Perhaps you should see a doctor about your over-active imagiation!
    Good luck finding something though!
    Blessed be!

  4. !?!?
    Dude, no offense…but I have to wonder at your age.
    Hollywood FX are there for entertainment, just as Hollywood
    itself is. It’s an entire industry. While it is a true statement that
    on occassion, the script writers and FX specialists may consult
    with a well known and active Pagan, Wiccan, or Ceremonialist
    for the most part they are just trying to give you a visual “thrill”.
    To make a mask an appropriate Ritual Object would require
    the Consecration and Dedication of a well trained and
    experienced Norse Shaman or Ceremonial Magician. The
    individual would have to be well versed not only in Ceremony
    but in the True and Subtle Nature of the God(dess) the object
    was to be Dedicated to. I would presume that a proper
    Ceremony would take days if not months to complete.
    And again…the Manifestation(s) inherent would not be like those
    in the film. They’d be much more Subtle, yet Profound.
    And Loki is not the Norse “Trickster” God for nothing! It would be
    a Really Bad Idea to call up that kind of Energy without being
    quite familiar with it firsr (as in personal Dedication to the God).


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