Home Discussion Forum Magick users i need some of your knowledge on spells?

Magick users i need some of your knowledge on spells?

do binding spells actually work???
and i mean the binding spells that are meant to bind someones magick power.
because i don’t think that is posible……..is it???
BTW i am not trying to use magick on some one, and especialy not this kind of spell.


  1. They can work, but you’d be better off working a protection spell for yourself to ward off any unseen ugliness that may be coming your way whether it’s deliberate or not.

  2. oh its very possible…in fact i have cast one against you leaving you powerless
    (send me a thousand bucks and ill recant the spell sucka)

  3. Yes, Baby Wolf, binding spells work. I have casted a few of those spells and they worked for me. I call binding spells my emergency spells. Where I live, the people can cast very powerful spells, but I have been able to block those aimed at me so far, to the point that they have given up their bad intentions.
    My mother-in-law saw that it was more effective to get what she needed from me by being nice, than by trying to get it by force.


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