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Magick Spells– Are there set backs?

I want to start doing magick but i want to know are there any set back for doing magick?
If so what would happened?
I want to start using white magick..


  1. There’s no such thing as ‘white magic’. Real magic (the kind that actually does things) requires users to call upon evil spirits. That in itself is a big enough setback for me. I never want to subject myself to that kind of influence.

  2. there aren’t really any set backs to doing magick unless its dark magick, as long and you don’t intend to use it on other people its OK

  3. Well, the only setback I can think of is that there is no such thing as “magick” in my experience. If there is, and you get a spell that actually works…let me know. I would be very interested in learning about something like that.

  4. when u start messing with this stuff u are asking for trouble! The Bible warns us to stay away from such stuff. Dabbling with magic is one thing that can lead to demon possession…good way to ruin your life…and your soul.

  5. Depends what your looking for!!!!……………….you have a very long journey until you’ll get the hang of it its not something you learn over night……
    Good luck on your journey!!!
    Its a very deep thing read alot about it before you jump it.

  6. yes there are setbacks, but most aren’t serious, unless there is personal gain involved. i have been practicing white and green magik many years. as long as you bless the goddess when doing a spell, and word it so you do not expect personal gain, you should do fine.

  7. The sky’s the limit!
    But remember~
    We do not believe in separating into structured paths with names, images and doctrines, then judging, condemning or warring on others of a different path. This has nothing to do with Universal Peace or Brother/Sisterly love. We also inspire each individual to make their own personal God/Spirit connection and awaken to their own unique purpose, which only each person can discover for themselves.
    So at working with Magick~be open minded

  8. Magick is neither white nor black. Magick is like a vehicle and is used to achieve the needed change.
    If you use magick to hurt someone (including yourself) or to violate someone’s freedom of choice, then you will experience some very unpleasant consequences.

  9. Magic is neither black or white. Magic is energy, it’s what you do with that energy that determines if it’s harmful or not.
    The only setbacks can be: frustration when the energy doesn’t go exactly where you want it to * continual learning * putting together the elements for the spell (what items do you need, what phase of the planets/moon/sun would be best, etc) *
    There’s also the personal energy drop if you don’t ground properly and forget to eat something and balance afterwards.
    I’ll star this for my pagan and Wiccan friends to give some more insight and links.

  10. The threefold law. Good or bad, the results will come back to you three times stronger. Karma in a way. If you do magic for good intentions, you will have a good life helping others. If you do it for bad intentions, you will have hell to pay.
    Dont use magic to sway someones heart, to gain for yourself, to hurt others, to cheat, to lie etc

  11. If you mean are their any consequences of magic, yes, just like there are consequences for everything else you do in life. If you are asking if there are any costs to magic, then again yes, just like anything else you want to accomplish. You only get out of something what you put into it.
    And if you’re needing to ask these questions, then you need to still be studying, not “using.” Why would you use something if you don’t understand how it works?

  12. I wonder how I missed this question when it was posted.
    Magick is not “black or white” as others have said. Magick is energy, and your intent. So keep karma in mind – whatever you send out comes back to you. (Wiccans actually believe in the three-fold law, that whatever you do comes back to you three times greater than what you sent out.)
    I would highly recommend the book “When, Why…If” by Robin Wood that discusses the ethics of magick. Learning the ethics in using magick, and the how and why magick works is where one should start before “doing” magick. If you don’t have the basic foundation of understanding, then your magical workings probably won’t be very effective anyway.


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