Magick is simply using our internal energy?






I perused a magick book today and I came to the conclusion that magick relies on the person, to accumulate energy thru meditation and use it towards their own will. There’s no reliance on spirits or gods; it’s simply energy. The same energy that Buddhists refer to; that martial artists refer to. Am I correct? Therefore, magick has severe limitations in usage.


  1. look into tai chi. it may answer some of your questions. reading up on reiki (a healing method) may also be of interest to you, and well as the chakras of hinduism.

  2. You are partly right, in the aspect of using your own intent in magickal workings. But We do it with the aid of the Goddess and the God and the powers of the elements. Alone we are nothing but simple tricksters.
    You cant rightly perform any meaningfull magick or spells without an understanding of the deitys who are allowing you the power.
    It would be like praying without knowing anything about praying to. Its empty.
    Blessed Be!

  3. Magick is not much different from prayer. It takes beleif and faith. I was once tols by a witch that a spell is nothing more than a prayer put to ryme. I think she was right, only your praying to the goddess, ect..

  4. Magick is just a manipulation of energy to bring about a desired result..
    Christians pray to their God, and perform all sorts of ritualistic things, which the stole from the much older Pagan traditions, and that is a form of magick also…
    Blessed Be… )O(

  5. you are correct…but there is actually almost no limitations as to what you can do…it takes practice, but you can learn to use your will to do pretty much anything imaginable

  6. How does that impose limitations, exactly? Anyone, of any religion, can use the energy around them anywhere, at any time, to effect change in their world. Energy is everywhere. We can use any and all energy for magick, regardless of religious affiliation. I’m failing to see where the limitation comes in.

  7. I disagree with those that say you have to have a deity’s assistance to perform magic.
    I am an Atheist witch. I do not believe in any gods and my magic works fine.
    Magic is learning how to harness the energies within yourself and of that around you to impose your will for change. I do not see how it is limited. Energy is all around us and is constantly changing and recreating itself.
    Explain your thoughts on it being limited in usage?

  8. Certainly you can use your own reserves. However, consider that everything in the world has energy. And Deity has even more. If you learn to ask and receive, suddenly you are looking at more energy than anyone could possibly channel, hold, or use.

  9. Magic isn’t just simply using internal energy, if you do this you will get ‘burned out’ rather quickly. Many do things to ‘raise’ energy to be used for magical purposes as well as tap into universal energy.
    Magic is limited only by the person creating and using it. It is limited by beliefs.
    The Art of Magic is learning how to harness the energies within, the energies of all that is around you, and universal energies to bring about a desired result imposed by your will. It also includes changing, or transmuting, the energy that is around to what you can use.

  10. Magic is a religious practice, in which you use your internal energy. You can use it in any of the rituals in practice or through meditation. Also cleanse you chakras before and after you do it. This helps as well!

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