Magick how to learn?





does any1 know how to learn magick like the spell casting once’s?
Lub Jess


  1. like many have said…pick up some good books and search around the internet…just always keep and open yet skeptic mind…don’t do anything that doesn’t feel right and don’t believe all that you’re told…really really take time to learn before you attempt anything…and don’t attempt anything until you’re truly comfortable and ready…magic[k]’s not for every one. Remember this also…magic[k](don’t worry about the spelling..magic is correct but many use the K to differentiate is from that of fantasy and stage tricks both spellings are ok) now magic[k] is the power from within’s your will your energy…a spell and a prayer are essentially the same. yet a spell is more direct and controlled where as with prayer you put your desire into a higher powers hands as more of a request. Also you don’t NEED any of the candles and tools and such…they are used to help you focus your energy so that you have all your energy together and aimed at your desired goal so that the spell is casted effectively. I hope I’ve helped!

  2. If you are just interesten in spells, there are tons of books out there with spells. One even called the book of 5,000 spells, which is a thick book and promises to have 5,000 spells in it.
    However most pagan traditions have their own thoughts on spells and rules concerning them.

  3. When you learn to type English, use the spell checker, and drop the”k” off the word, because there is no “k” in real magic, someone might discuss this with you.
    But you know, you have a very powerful tool right at your fingertips and you have no idea how to use it for research…. for shame.
    You are never gonna figure it out.

  4. You can make your own…..Just so long as you feel STRONG about it…..(real spells work better…..) But DO NOT do bad things…unless you like having a crappy life….Karma WILLLLLLLLLL come back @ you…..3 fold!….

  5. There are literally hundreds of websites online where you can learn all you want to know, as well as bookstores and spirituality stores everywhere that you can enter and ask about from the patrons (you can find them almost anywhere in your capital city, suburb, town etcetera).
    One good reference that I have found to be productive, is that jumping right into casting spells right away isn’t the best way to go, and while you could hate to know this, it is always better to read up on a topic before you try anything, so you have a basis for how to use the spell, focus your mind and your Spirit Energy, and best of all, to know that anything you cast out, will come back at you Three-fold, both in good and bad sense.

  6. pick up a couple books, and learn the basics first.
    then find out where and who is practicing magic in your neighborhood. then look to join their coven. and they will teach you greater things.
    My best advice is to pray to God, and He will fight your battles for you. All magic can be overturned by HIM if someone is willing to be obedient.
    Remember Jesus said he had NO POWER of himself, and Moses didnt DO anything EXcept by the Power of God. and of course it was God that performed all the same miracles of the Priestcrafts of noah, and God overpowered everything.

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