Magick and Rituals: Is there a certain level of imagination?

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This is in no way meant to offend anyone…
For religions that use magick, whether it is a Pagan religion, Wicca, Satanism, Luciferianism, Demonology, etc, is a certain level of imagination expected on the user’s part when performing magick and rituals?

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Slighly Amused

Creative visualization is a better way of saying it. And yes, it helps.

Rev. Michael S. Margolin

Why yes you envision certain parts of rituals.

Ruth Asher

answer: Yes, it helps. The tools on the altar are merely aids to help focus the mind. The rituals are to help focus the mind and direct the energy. Seeing the goal, seeing the energy requires a bit of imagination and the willingness to be open.


Yes. That is actually a big part of a any form of magick.
In fact, magick is really just one big imagination exercise..

Kira, god of this world (JPA)

it’s called visualization. you visual the outcome of your spell as vividly as possible while raising energy.


Abstract thought always involves the imagination.


No puppy, just faith in the Deities. Props are used, but they are only tools to remained focused on the outcome. I am Wicca so I can’t answer for those you listed. Although “Demonology” is a word meaning the study of Demons.


Not for me, I actually find that imagination (which I have a lot of) hinders my magical practises more than it helps them. I know people (like my father) who can’t so much as visualse what the next room of his own house looks like, and yet he’s one of the best casters I know.


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