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Magic the Gathering: When I play an enchantment Aura does it go on the stack before it resolves?

For instance i play Pacifism (white deck) which says tha comes in to play attached to a creature. Does pacifism go on the stack and my opponent can play a counter spell like cancel(blue deck) and as a result pacifism goes in my graveyard before it resolves?


  1. Everything that isn’t a land is a spell when you play it. Then it goes on the stack, where it can be targeted by counters and others spells or not.

  2. Yes it does. When you play it, you target the creature you want it to go onto. It then sits on the stack, giving your opponent (and occasionally an ally) the chance to react. If the aura is countered, it goes straight to the graveyard without attaching to the targeted creature.
    Additionally, if something happens and the creature becomes an illegal target (destroyed, removed from play, given shroud, etc) the aura acts as if it were countered.

  3. Yes, each and every card you play is a spell. All spells and abilities use the stack, and can therefore be counterspelled. If you play the Pacifism, your opponent can cancel it, and it would go to the graveyard before it resolves.
    Think of it this way: You are attempting to stab me with a sword. I can shoot you in response, in which case you would die, and the sword will follow you to the grave because it is useless without a weilder. However, note that counterspells (with the exception of Voidslime, Stifle, and Trickbind) can’t be used to counter abilities. So if you are activating a Grandeur ability, no counterspell can stop it.
    Hope that helped!

  4. Of course. Here is how spells, the stack, and tons of other stuff works. Every non-land card you play is a spell. They are put on the stack. At this point, it isn’t in play yet, but it has been played. When it is on the stack, anything with instant timing can respond to it. One example is Cancel, an instant card that, for 1UU, counters target spell. (U represents Blue). There used to be a card called Counterspell. It was very powerful; for UU it countered target spell. Cancel was Wizard of the Coast’s way of balancing out Counterspell. Anyway, since it was countered while on the stack by cancel, it never comes into play. You can’t counter playing a land or tapping a land for mana because neither of those actions use the stack. Anyway, I hope I helped.


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