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magic the gathering question about enchantment- auras?

if I attach an enchantment-aura to one of my opponents creatures and then kill that creature later on, what happens to the enchantment, does it go to my graveyard or can I equip it to another creature


  1. Whenever the enchanted permanent leaves play, any attatched auras go to their respective controller’s graveyard.
    If you were to destroy a creature that you enchanted, your aura would go to the graveyard.
    Hope that clears it up. =]

  2. Unless the Aura states otherwise, like being able to be returned to it’s owners hand or be attached to another permanent if the current permanent leaves play, then the Aura goes to the Graveyard. So 95% of the time or more, you’ll be putting your aura into the graveyard.

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