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magic rituals really works?


  1. there is this one ritual that causes a person to put an “s” at the end of words where the “s” doesn’t really belong.

  2. as long as you know what you’re doing. if you’re new to this path, do a lot of reading before you start practicing magick, as you might not understand the ramifications. find some others who are experienced and get advice from them first.

  3. Magic rituals are just your belief of what you have seen during the rituals but it is unbelievable.. The words alone which is magic rituals tells you that it is not true because it is only a magic doings of the magician. Magic is the ability of the doer to confuse the observer

  4. Personally, its an artificial form of acting upon faith. It helps in a certain ways (eg. psychologically). You might want to know too, that these rituals involve beings from other realms, and you might/should be able to deal with them in case if you are not getting the ‘right visitor’.
    There is a long way to learn the secrets of rituals, not from books and printed stuff, but from your heart. I would advise you to seek out an experienced elder to guide you through if you are going towards this direction.
    Most of the time rituals can be easy and it also depends on what is your intention. Rituals require a lot of time and patience and not just hope but understanding the laws of nature.

  5. Depends on what you’re expecting. A good 95% of it is Psychological… a means to focus your energy on a desired result. The ritual itself is used to set your mind to that result, which is why so many symbols are used within ritual. Your subconscious mind works with symbols more frequently than your conscious mind does. So it initiates the entire mind toward the result you want. Once people realize how much of it plays in your own mind, they usually give up the ritual and work with meditation to get the same result.
    More or less, it’s merely psyching yourself out.

  6. the only ones who perform real magic are people like Gabriel Garcia Marquez, in the pages of their books and I’m afraid to inform you that is the only place where magic is real.

  7. It depends on what you mean. There is a long established study in Anthropology of the effect of rituals upon those that undergo them.
    Few researchers deny that results occur, even if they don’t all agree on why.

  8. If you do them correctly, focus your thoughts the right way and give them enough time and attention, then yes they do work.
    It is not really magic however, it is more to do with “The Secret” or the “Law of Attraction”.
    Study quantum physics, the truth is that reality is not real. So if we are all more or less living in some kind of a dream state, why can’t you manipulate it to get what you want. The world was created with thought and words, even the bible says that.


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