Magic ritual question?

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does anyone has books from Silver RavenWolf? like ‘Teen Witch: Wicca for a New Generation’ or ‘To Ride A Silver Broomstick: New Generational Witchcraft’? I need one ritual from there … about finding a new group of friends but i can’t buy them at the moment so if anyone had read them it will be awesome if you can give me just the ritual … if you know any other similar ritual it will be great too
I have searched all around google but i can’t find anything … just the info that in one of her books there is ritual like this “for finding new friends” or somethig ….
i don’t want your opinion about her or what i will do …i have my reasons and brain and i’m not into wicca … just curious … so if you can give me the ritual … thanks in advance 🙂
ok i know some of you want to make some extra points by spamming and giving opinion i don’t care about but i hope there will be someone who will just answer what i’m asking .. if you don’t have it – don’t waste your time writing

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I’m sorry, but the quick fix nonsense of Silver Ravenwolf is one reason, of many, that established Wiccans don’t care for her work.
Wicca is about knowing the gods, not trying to do magic to find friends.
You attract friends to yourself by being a person worthy of friendship. It’s not easy, and it will attract quality friends, not quantity, but it works.


Silver RavenWolf has an extremely bad name in the community. for example.
I’d find a better alternative if I were you.
just commit yourself to finding friends, and you will. it may take a little time, but there are no short cuts or quick fixes. Rely on yourself, not a ritual. Rituals are for augmenting; they still require your efforts to do 90% of the heavy lifting (so to speak).

Mr. Shpongadongle

This one rocks:
The Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram (expanded version)
Note: Use Banishing Earth pentagrams under normal circumstances (pentagram drawn starting from lower left point up to top point etc.). Pentagrams should be made as large as possible- almost a meter high since you’ll start the drawing of one down by your left hip, and the top will be somewhere around the level of your forehead. Words in parenthesis are only for pronunciation guides or translation and are NOT to be spoken out loud.
1. Face East. Visualize an Orb of White Brilliance above your head (at the crown Chakra and up to 10 inches/25cm in diameter roughly- I’ve heard anywhere between 4 – 10 inches so I just do what feels right). This is your ‘Kether’. When you can see it clearly and bright, reach your weapon (wand/dagger) up into it, and bring down the light from it into your forehead and into the middle of your head- straight down from the orb of light.
Touching the forehead with the tip of the dagger say “Ateh.” (“Unto Thee”)
2. Bring the Light down through your Middle-Pillar/Pranic-Tube (an energy shaft that runs along the spine and straight through the middle of your body) while directing its movement with your weapon and imagine it shooting straight down into another large Orb of Light (this time brilliant Green) beneath your feet. (I usually point and thrust the dagger straight down with help from my other hand so that it points at the ground in front of me after directing the energy from Crown to Feet through the body.)
After directing the energy from Crown to Feet in the above manner, say “Malkuth.” (Malkooth – “the Kingdom”)
3. Now visualize a large Orb of brilliant Red Light interpenetrating your right shoulder. (It can be around 4 to 6 inches in diameter).
Touching the right shoulder with the tip of the blade, say “Ve-Geburah.” (Veh-Geboorah- “and the power”)
4. Visualize a large Orb of Brilliant Blue Light interpenetrating your left shoulder. Draw a line of Light connecting the Red Orb in your right shoulder with the Blue Orb in your left shoulder.
Touching the left shoulder with the tip of the blade, say “Ve-Gedulah.” (Veh-Gedulah- “and the glory”)
5. Sweep both hands down, out, then back up and around again in a circular motion, and come to rest over your heart. Clasping the hands upon the breast, visualize your heart to be a Brilliant Golden-yellow Orb (4 to 6 inches in diameter).
Say “le-OLAHM, AMEN.” (leh-Oh-Lahm, Amen – “to the ages, Amen”)
6. Facing East, make a Banishing-Earth pentagram with the dagger/wand. (Neon blue is a common color to first see the pentagrams while tracing them. White or even fiery pentagrams may be visualized if that works better for you.)
Vibrate “YHVH” (Yod-Heh-Vav-Heh)
7. Turning to the South, make the same pentagram, but vibrate “ADNI” (Ah-DOH-nai)
8. Turning to the West, make the same pentagram, but vibrate “AHIH” (Eh-HEH-yeh)
9. Turning to the North, make the same pentagram, but vibrate “AGLA” (Ah-Geh-LAh)
10. Return East. Extend the arms in the form of a cross and say:
11. “Before me Raphael” (pronounced “Rah-Fay-el”)
The names of the angels may be vibrated and the macrocosmic forces themselves invoked while doing so. Visualize the forms of each angelic being appearing when their names are spoken/vibrated/invoked. Raphael may be visualized in the east beyond the drawn flaming pentagrams as a winged (or wingless) figure in flowing yellow robes, or just an abstract picture of winds and skies with golden-yellow swirlings and/or the sensation of breezes etc.
12. “Behind me Gabriel” (pronounced “Gah-bree-el”)
Gabriel may be visualized in the west beyond the flaming pentagrams as a figure in blue robes, or as something abstract like a shaft of water or a blue watery landscape with a towering chalice in front of it etc.
13. “On my right hand Michael” (pronounced “Mee-kai-el”)
Michael may be visualized in the south beyond the flaming pentagrams as a figure in red robes, or as something abstract like a column of fire with a fiery landscape behind him etc.
14. “On my left hand Uriel” (pronounced “Ur-ee-el”)
Uriel may be visualized in the north beyond the flaming pentagrams as a figure in green robes (or, in black robes accented with olive, citrine, and russet), or as something abstract like an earthy/grassy meadow-like landscape with a shaft of wheat in front of it etc.
15. “For about me flames the pentagram,”
16. “And in the column shines the six-rayed Star.”
17.-21. Repeat Qabalistic Cross (#’s 1 – 5 )

polly for prez

find Jesus…read carefully the answer of mr shpongagong- it is inviting satan in your life as he marks your head and invites u into the kingdom of hell

Marc P

anything in there about summoning a buxom redheaded succubus?

Ruth Frost Cat JPA

answer: Give your additional details – No.
Grow up and learn how to order from used books and leave those who are serious about their RELIGION alone.
Silver Ravenwolf is a hack. Let us know when you want some actual religious information on paganism or Wicca.
Here’s one: find a hobby, find a group centered around that hobby – meet new people.
# ##
No spamming involved. We’re giving you facts that you don’t want. You’re insulting Wicca which is the religion of a large number of people.


You can do way better than stop at $ilverRavenFluffyBuck$ … ‘cos in the occult community for real she probably does not even rank a miniscule 1 out of 10 for effort! Leaving that aside, IF you want to learn how to make friends or attract, try this simple and effective Moon Glance:
“…Basically one briefly closes the eyes and momentarily visualises a lunar crescent in silver behind the eyes with the horns of the moon projecting out of each side of the head behind the eyes. Then one glances into the eyes of a potential lover whilst visualising a silver radiance beaming from your eyes to theirs. This manoeuvre also has the effect of dilating the pupils and usually causes an involuntary smile. Both of these are universal sexual signals, the first of which acts subconsciously…”
~ Extract from “Liber Kaos, The Psychonomicon” by Peter Carroll, (Weiser)

Fire Tiger ~{JPA}~

1. her work is bad.
2. even tho her work is bad it’s still her work and I don’t plan on taking something from someone and giving it to another without them buying her products.
So that’s a no, even tho I’m sure I have it laying in one of my trash bins, It’s her work and she derseves to be paid for what she’s selling and what your asking is for is basically stealing.
btw, I have a few of those types of riturals, but yet again they’re mine, and I don’t do something for nothing. however I usually only charge 1 almond snickers bar per spell from my BOS.


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