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Astral Projection Vibrations: Ways to Grasp your Vibration State

Astral projection vibrations are actually a beginning clue that your astral self is about to leave your physical body plus go into your astral plane. Before you can begin an astral journey, you need to figure out how to reach the Vibration Condition. Astral individuals think astral projection vibrations are power waves that course through the entire body and exit with the top of your head.

Interpreting Dreams

According to Freud, our dreams are a representation of our unconscious desires, thoughts and motivations. Dreams are projection of our repressed desires, buried deep in our subconsciousness, Though, for past many centuries, Tibetan Monks and Indian Yogis have been using Yog Nidra or lucid dreaming to explore in the basement of their subconsciousness, A lucid dream is any dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming and can utilize the extraordinary power of subconsciousness.

What Does Chakra Healing Mean?

Traditional Hindu writings have often said that there are nearly 90,000 points of Chakra throughout every human body, but there are truly only seven extrmely important points of Chakra.

Meditation and Labyrinths

Some people confuse labyrinths with mazes, but it's not a maze. It is more of a meditation that is in walking form. Let me explain. The labyrinth has a pathway that you walk in order to reach the center but it goes round and round, back and forth, until you reach the center. The key is to take slow steps and just walk towards the center; taking your time and following your breath.

When you arrive on the Arambol beach located in North Goa, don’t get surprised, if you are greeted with fancy signboards directing you to a Magical Disneyland of spirituality.

Welcome to Magic Park a spiritual heaven for new ager’s, artists, spiritual seekers, yoga freak’s and vegan travelers. This Magic Park offers all day drop in workshops for bodywork, meditation, yoga, dancing, shiatsu, belly dance, chanting, singing and everything else.

During the day time the park is full of activity with dancers, singers performing and musicians playing and meditating with musical instruments. Against the background of what is happening you can see people doing tai chi, yoga or meditation. Evenings at Magic Park are even more beautiful with candlelight, jam sessions and organic food and various performances and variety shows performed by visitors to this park.

There is a vegetarian cafe in the park that host tea ceremonies, ethnic music, chanting and Bhajans. The real fun begins at sunset each day as arambol gathers to celebrate the sunsets with music and dance on the beach.

Drop in Yoga Classes

Magic Park offers several all day Drop in Yoga Workshops, Yoga classes start at early morning till mid afternoon. Magic Park offers all industry standard yoga workshop including Hatha Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Karma Yoga, Iyengar Yoga and Yoga Massages. All Yoga Workshops are offered by expert certified Yoga Teachers from all over the world.

Dance Workshops
Dancing is the main ingredient of this Magic Curry, Magic Park offers several workshops of free-style or guided dances. Including belly dance, mandala dance, 5-Elements dance, Authentic Movement, chakra dance, contact improvisation ..

Veggie Cafe at Magic Park

The café at Magic Park provides healthy vegetarian and vegan cuisine to help you rebuild after that yoga or dance class. It’s not the cheapest place for breakfast but the whole-wheat pancakes are definitely worth the money, as are the health shakes on the menu. Lunch and dinner options are limited but delicious. Highly recommended to vegans travelling in Goa

Staying at Magic Park
Magic Park offers cozy and spacious huts with wooden floor, mosquito net. There are several other options for huts available outside magic park located right on the beach.

Magic Park is situated in Arambol, a fishing village in North Goa with a long hippie tradition.

Magic Park Website :

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