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Magic or magick, which term do you use?


  1. They K was added to distinguish magical workings from illusion but since magic was always spelled with just the c some witches find it unnecessary to add the k. Some find it insulting that they have to make this change. I do not use the k.

  2. Magick is how it’s spelled when one is referring to The Craft (Not the movie, either). It’s just so that people don’t think they’re talking about david Copperfield. Crowley is the one who started that spelling.
    I normally don’t use either one very often as most people have the impression that magic(k) is Harry Potter or people thinking that we are effecting the world in a mystical way that defies the Natural Laws – which is not true. Though I’m sure there are nutters out there who actually do think they can acheive this and do try to…. for the most part, that is not what the craft is about at all. It deals more with effecting ones own will rather than trying to “change the bad guy into a toad” sort of deal. In some ways I feel it is like “be the change you want to SEE IN the world”.

  3. I’m allergick to basick typographick errors, though some emphatick barbarick criticks insist that archaick orthographicks are merely cosmetick and idiomatick. But language is dynamick and elastick; democratick processes prevent despotick imposition of erratick aestheticks.
    At the risk of being called an iconoclastick heretick – or even overly modernistick – while it may be poetick, or even phonetick, “magick” just looks lunatick to me.

  4. I hate the k, it sounds stupid.
    As if practicing Witchcraft isn’t enough to make me seem like a flake to non-believers, I don’t need to sound illiterate on top of it.
    I see no reason to spell things incorrectly.


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