magic, fousing energy…all that good stuff?

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ok so i know its possible to focus your energy through meditation. i know martial artists can focus chi or ki or something like that. now what im wondering is if it is possible to focus your energy without meditation? and also if you can focus it all into one spot outside of yur body?

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M. C. L.

Sorry, but if you want an honest answer – there is no such thing as ki/chi – that type of spiritual energy does not exist in real life.
At best, it is merely a mental or psychological state. The reason why martial artists are able to break though bricks or cement blocks is because of hard body training – when their muscles becomes stronger and their bones actually becomes denser from pressure/training (repeatedly being hit or hitting objects).
Of course meditation and the ki mental state prepares you for the “psychological” aspects of breaking through objects or relaxing your muscles.

Mini Bujinkan Ninja

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Jojo J

no you cant focus your energy with your mind either, you can with physics, and you definately cant make energy balls and there is no such thing as chi or ki or popeyes….well the last one yeah


last time i focused energy i was trying to take a big dump. dont be fooled by claims of mysticism, MA is based on tangible elements of simple physics


Check out Gorge Dillman on youtube.
It’s good for a couple of laughs when he removes himself from real martial arts and jumps into the realm of fantasy.

Splex A

you can check for more info…


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