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magic cult.does anyone have an idea of a good spell caster or occult society?

does anybody know a magician or a good spell caster?


  1. Join a coven. You can find one by Google, however you may not have one near to you. Once there it will be easier to find others to help you.

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  3. Im sorry for putting this message here like this. I am just here to share my experience and to help who might want this kind of help. I have been scammed by fake casters that promised me and get my money trying all my means to bring back my ex. i see my life is worthless without him and our kids need him too..i was so desperate to keep my family back together..i searched everywhere to restore happiness into my home..i seek spiritual helps to get things right but all i talked with never did anything for me..when i ask them for my money since they cant give the results they promised, they never replied their messages even the once that guaranteed money back if no result..i can help you with the few liars i have worked with if you talk to me here celebran77@hotmail.com and how i got my ex back home with us.


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