lucid dreaming?

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Ok lately I’ve been thinking about dreaming, and how cool it is to be subconscious and know what your dreaming about, and I really want to know, how can i lucid dream? Ive had maybe 2 experiences in my life where i had a lucid dream, but not on purpose. Any suggestions?

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The best advice that worked for me was reading the book titled LUCID DREAMING.

jefferey m

I’m not shur you can get it, i have lucid dreaming for a wile, but i don’t read books or read much at all. the best way i guess to just dream, sorry if this doesn’t help


I’ve found that my most lucid dreams happen after I’ve had an exillerating(don’t know how to spell it) experience.
Bad experience = really bad dream
Good experience = really good lucid dream. Has to be something that maxed out your senses. First good September breeze does this to me too.
I had once had a vision while I was having sex. It was amazing. Not many women would appreciate that though, they think you’re not paying attention to them.


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