Lucid dreaming, any quick ways to do it, anything I should be worried about, and your experiences?

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I really have wanted to lucid dream since seeing Inception in July. Anybody know methods(easier the better), any experiences?
Or is it just too creepy that the experience is not worth it?

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I am not an expert but I was interested in it. Look it up in wikipedia. It’s very helpful


No way it is a pretty awesome experience, I’d definitely keep trying. Some things are you just need to focus, when you are in your dream you need to determine and find things that can absolutely not exist. For example, I was riding a motorcycle, and it just pops in to your head, wait I would never be on a motorcycle? And then I realized I was in a dream. But it isn’t as good as Inception let me tell you. You can’t just imagine something then it pops in your dream, they already have to be there, like the motorcycle. Sure it probably differs for people but I can never make something appear or making something catch on fire (just something I tried LOL)
Anyway methods that help me sometimes are just right before bed think of things, everyday things, and some extreme things think of things that would never happen or you would never experience, for example a dinosaur. Other things too, like Leonardo DiCaprio has the spinner top to tell whether he is in the dream or not. Before bed put dots on your hand , if you are trying to determine whether you are dreaming or not, try and find the dots on your hand. If they are not there, then ta da. Also time is a big big factor, if you can count to ten, give or take, in your dream, you can usually figure out that you are dreaming.
Hopefully this work, it is literally something else.


Pick a trigger item like your hand or a door. Then tell yourself 3 times everynight before going to sleep; “that when you see your hand; it will remind you that you are dreaming; and that, that will make you become awake in your dream.” If you do this with out fail it will happen within a month and most likely before two weeks have passed.
I meant to go see that movie and then forgot all about it.

Rosie-doll Too


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