Lucid Dreaming

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In the dream world, lucid means to be able to think clearly and dreams are series of thought or visions that happen when you are asleep. What if they merge together?

Well, you can call it lucid dreaming or an extraordinary effect that the person is aware that he/she is dreaming.

When a person is experiencing lucid dreams, vivid visions are taking place. When this happens, the person who is having a lucid dream has greater manipulation about what is currently going on to his/her dream. It sounds scary, but for some, it is a gift. Few people can have lucid dreams.

Many people are not aware of their capablities of controlling their dreams. However, there are processes and medtition that can be practiced or can be done to begin lucid dreaming.

Tibetan and Indian Yoga has a seperate study for the same called Dream yoga or Yoga Nidra .

lucid dream

To Start with a person goes to sleep in a normal dream, as body and mind relaxes and as dream takes over, the dreamer should identify that it is a dream. To have a lucid dream, the person should wake up from a normal waking state directly to the dream state without any lapse in consciousness.

It is only done when the person enters REM sleep without being conscious that he/she is waking up in a dreaming state. In addition to REM stands for rapid eye movement.

In order for lucid dreaming to occur, remembering a dream is an important thing to do. A person must be able to familiarize himself/herself with the dream. The person should always recall what is inside the dream.

The person must focus on the dream itself. This should be done every night before sleeping in order for the brain to process the information about the vision. This way, practicing and recalling a dream will make the person more familiar with the dream every time he/sleeps.

To make it easy for you, you can note down the things you see in a notebook. Keep it always updated.

For some, it helps to take notes or record details of things they encounter in their dream state to make lucid dreaming more focused.

Mug Motivation Dream Dreams Coffee  - HeteroSapiens / Pixabay
HeteroSapiens / Pixabay

There are also steps that you can do to trigger lucid dreaming. These steps can also make your lucid dreaming successful but always remember to keep practicing.

First, you can perform reality checks at times when you remember to ask yourself if you are dreaming.

With continuous practice, you can automatically remember it when you dream. Second, as mentioned earlier, is to keep a notebook or a journal. Make it a habit to keep track of your dream.

Third thing is to learn when to have the best time to have a lucid dream. Learn your sleep patterns so you can ideally arrange it in a way that you can provoke lucid dreaming. The most common time you can have it is during morning hours. Moreover, you can also try to do the WILD technique. WILD stands for wake initiated lucid dream.

This is the part where you carry your awareness or consciousness to your dream. To initiate this, try counting your breath, sleep in a quiet area or listening to Theta Binaural Beats to transfer into REM sleep.

Those are some of the common techniques used to be done to have a lucid dream. Keep in mind that lucid dreaming has also benefits for yourself. This includes the ability to manipulate what is in your dream and overcoming anxiety.

Now that you have the information about what lucid dream is, you can begin to practice the different steps to trigger it.

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