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I’ve been reading more about regression and taping into our past lives. I know that the effects of LSD are mind opening and I was wondering if you thought that if used together whether the regression would be intensified or easier to keep in your mind. I asked another friend and he thinks it may be possible for it to cause a “never ending trip”. What do you all think about it??
I realize the effects, I have taken it many a time too. My life changing experiences came from tripping and I don’t regret a thing. But we’re talking about regression and past lives. Would LSD make them more vivid??


  1. I disagree with your friend.
    LSD is simply a drug, and you will not obtain any “real” changes in your mind. No epiphinies, no breakthroughs, no nothing. Everything you will experience is FAKE. It’s pointless. You shouldn’t want to alter your mind. And you don’t need “Jesus”. Just stay away from LSD all together. If you need to experiment with a drug, experiment with weed or booze. A never-ending trip sounds terrifying. LSD is too risky. Regression and “past lives” are not real, especially not on acid.

  2. LSD is DANGEROUS. It can be a lot of ‘out of this world’ fun like nothing you’ve known before. But when it goes bad it goes REALLY bad. I should know, I took it quite a few times when I was a teen. I spent 2 years living in a state of intense paranoia where the effects of the trip plagued me without me touching the drug. I had frequent scary flashbacks & lived with that feeling of fear in the pit of my stomach constantly. I could hardly sleep because I would wake up in the night tripping. I knew I was going off the deep end. What made it worse was that I knew I could do nothing about it. It was sheer hell & worse. It was when I became a Christian & gave my life to Jesus that I was completely & instantly healed. It was so good to finally sleep well & feel normal again. But I learned my lesson the hard way. Don’t you.

  3. Maybe. The known mystic Alan Watts (google him) was chosen by the Esalen Institute to find out whether LSD could induce the mystical experience. He said that the first two times he did it, it did not. Then in the subsequent trips, it not only did induce it, but the experiences were far more profound than ever before. You have to keep in mind that LSD in not instant Zen in a pill. All of the spiritual prerequisites have to be present with the individual. Trying to remember to before when you were born is one of the many aspects of Zen meditation.

  4. You’re assuming that:
    1) There are past lives
    2) You can tap into them
    3) Someone has an informed opinion about this
    All I can say is try it and see. That and the idea of a “never ending trip” is nonsense.

  5. The never ending trips doesn`t exist, if they happen, are only a few cases.
    Remember that the 60s dosis of lsd was 15 times the actual dosis, the posibilities are nearly infinite. I´m pretty sure you can have the effect you wish, the only way to answer it is to make the risk, but remember , you are playing with the most elemental thing on the human existence, So take care.

  6. No. The LSD will screw up your memories, bring in unpleasant somatics (emotions/feelings) and destroy your knowledge of what is real.
    You may think it is opening your mind but it isn’t.
    Past lives aren’t recovered like this. You can recall past lives without taking drugs.

  7. I had a very strong LSD trip with a guy I barely knew. We both tripped that we were soul mates and had been reincarnated over 185,000 years and every life ended with my death. Then we reunite in another dimension where we remember each life, then go to a new life with him bearing the pain of my death and him forgetting me always. I also felt everything he had felt his whole life this time round. It was the mist intimate and confusing moment of my life. Long long story lol

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