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Louise Hay fans?

I just want to express that I like Louise Hay and she is a great person , and helping people to overcome their problems.I advise all of you her books.


  1. Yes! I love Louise Hay! I have all of her books, and listen to her meditation tapes daily. I even had a calendar with good thoughts on it. It was on of those, “Page a Day” calendars, and it was wonderful. The Hay House doesn’t make them anymore, but that was a wonderful way to start my day. She works well for me and has changed my life so much, for the better. I just think the thought and my day goes, “smooth and easy”. I’m so glad that you asked your question. Maybe it will help more folks out if they have problems. Once again, I completely agree. She is a great person.

  2. My friend told me about the book and how diseases have a cause in the way you think, how your feelings manifest in ailments. I thought it was a wonderful book and asked her if she did the affirmations everyday to get rid of her problems. She said what affirmations? She forgot to read the 3rd column!! She had foot problems, caused by fear of the future. Said her affirmations everyday, “I move forward in life with joy and ease” and in 2 weeks, she was walking very well again.
    I must’ve bought 10 books already, I keep letting them to people and don’t get it back. I should get a wholesale discount, chuckle…


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