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Lorraine Warren, a Catholic and renowned paranormal investigator, believes in auras. Assuming we are all…?

Assuming we are all on this forum for spiritual answers and we all have an open mind how can a person who is so credible in his or her field be discredited?
If a Harvard math teacher tells you 1+1=3 would you laugh in their face or beg to understand what they are saying?


  1. In the case of the 1+1=3, there is a simple explanation for that.
    Assume 1 is a variable, and 3 is a constant.
    2(1) = 3
    2(1)/2 = 3/2
    1 = 1.5
    Now, as for the top question… I am Catholic and believe in magick. I don’t really know what else to say.

  2. I’m a Catholic who believes in auras too. I don’t think it’s against the faith to believe in them. However I’m also a massage therapist and most massage therapists I know are very much into energy work and auras.
    Most religious paintings depict the Saints with an ‘aura’ or glow around their head and/or body. I feel like that must be there for a reason.

  3. Since belief in “auras” has nothing to do with any supernatural faith system, anyone of any faith – or none – can believe in them if they wish.

  4. an aura is a visible manifestation of a person’s magnetic field. I don’t see how that has anything to do with any faith.

  5. <>
    Why should she be discredited? Would not an open mind see how it is possible to both be Catholic and “see” auras?
    Neither. Anyone, professor or not, who claims 1+1 equals anything other than two is simply wrong. Reason being, they are powerless to change the laws of math to suite their whims.
    Likewise, that Power which is responsible for auras cannot be manipulated by people. The ability to ‘see’ auras is a Gift, if indeed such gifts exist.


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