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Lord Bearclaw I am a vampire.. can you prove I am not?

But I guess, since you do not know me, and have never seen me, you cannot say I am not. I on the other hand do know myself, can see what I can do, and basically.. I have access to my own memories that tell me what I have done and what I am capable of doing. How can you say I am not when it is merely your word against mine? You so called ‘scientific answers’ are based off of a premise that vampires are even human, that they have the same exact digestive system/bio needs as a ‘normal’ human. You also assume that government would even reveal the existence of such an entity. You assume that medical science does not already know that we exist. Why the hell would a government reveal the existence of anything that is believed to be Hollywood/myth fiction? Especially now? With the modern vampire craze, it would cause mass hysteria, and those revealed to be vampires would be chased around by the press, insane vampire wannabes, and a myriad of other unpleasant people that would cause the already unstable populace to explode into a state of semi-anarchy. My words will do nothing of course. I just feel like speaking my mind. If people kept saying that you were not real, what would you do, how would you react? I can only take so much ignorant babbling. Yes I could be a troll, making this up, but what do I have to gain? I am not getting paid to type out this novel length rant. I just want to know what gives you the gall to say that science has all the answers. What about god? Why is he the only one who is allowed to defy what is accepted as reality? How do you know he is a spiritual being? What do you even know about him? At the end of the day you only have book knowledge that gives you the delusion that you have all of the answers. The fact is that you know nothing about this. All you know is that a ‘normal’ human being could not consume blood without health risk. I myself have been consuming blood for quite a while. Why am I not dead? Why have I not vomited? Again.. you don’t know anything about me. Stop copying and pasting that same answer. Go do some soul searching, and maybe you will awaken to something greater than your medieval fairs, and your nurse degree. You sicken me.
English is not my first language. Excuse my typos.
Why am I even on yahoo answers? I assume this question will come up. The same reason you are. It’s a good way to learn and ask questions. Also you can answer others who have questions. What use is knowledge if it is not allowed to be shared?
I am not trying to prove anything. I am having a semi-civilized discussion. Feel free to throw your best insults at me! You won’t make me angry, not at all, I’ve already vented.
Applause Bearclaw, applause. Again.. assumptions. You have proven my point.


  1. Yes I can prove it – you have been in school, therefore you have a birth certificate and medical history. So do your parents.
    If you were not human it would have been noticed.
    Blood carries no intrinsic nutritional value. You do not need it physically. If you need it psychologically that is a fetish, compulsion, or delusion.
    You apparently have a problem with me, so if you want science proven to you, go get some bloodwork done or have an x-ray.
    You are 100% human. Get over it.

    • Bitch, Please, Stop already before the war starts with us handicapped because of you.
      Or I will use you as a human shield when I have the chance.

  2. He terrorizes kids and teenages on 43 things. For a while I thought he was gone, but he came back. Now he doesn’t stop ranting about how, “Belief does not equal reality”
    – . – It’s really annoying, and I miss the month without him.

  3. Lord Bearclaw of Gryphon Woods is on Yahoo Answers and 43 Things and spends his days trying to change people’s opinions and beliefs of the supernatural. He’s just a troll, ignore him.
    Also he says he’s a nurse. Why would a REAL nurse study on vampires, werewolves, mermaids, etc.? He should be a scientist if he wants to study that, but instead he’s a nurse that doesn’t heal patients, he preys on people online.

    • Yeah, LBC is such a bitch, he’s getting paid for making the number of Mythicals decline, but he should get paid for SAVING PEOPLE! But he’s indirectly helping AWTOK, so he’s a bitch, I showed him a picture of a avian that said avian posted online.

  4. Hello, Lord.
    I must first apologize that I have not had the opportunity to read this post. My reply here is chiefly in response to an other post that you made on a now-defunct site, the Experience Project. (A fine aesthetic indeed!)
    The quote I would like to use as an epithet is “there are more things dreamt of in heaven and on earth than in our philosophy.”
    The concept of energetic draining is as murky to believers as to skeptics such as thyself. It falls under the realm of Shamanism and Mysticism, which, beginning with the Christian Church (who ostensibly established Natural Philosophy, our precursor to Science), was stringently repressed, alongside most “paranormal” activity and vision that fall outside the realm of dogma. The epistemological presuppositions followed us through Russel’s time, and then through Popper, Hawking etc, and now they are corroborated by the corporate entities that are responsible for scientific common sense, for what is published in both popular and privileged journals (if I may be so bold) and the nature of medical treatment and even the legality of malpractice.
    Traditionally, it has been known to shamans worldwide (and is central to the Hindu, Buddhist and Taoist schools) that man possesses both a physical body and a mental body. Both sets of bodies are interconnected to the cosmos. Medical science is a system of (falsifiable, a la Popper) theories based on accumulated anecdotal evidence in medical practice, and so far medicine has only been successful at treating the physical body. The mental body it has failed to treat. Schizophrenia, depression, and addiction (many of which can all so be iatrogenic symptoms in once relatively healthy patients) are all considered rampant modern ailments. Why? At the root of the problem, I have inferred, is a tendency to mistake consciousness for a function of the physical body. Deviant theories exist, such as Sheldrake’s Morphic Resonance theory, and empirical evidence is there, but it is repressed, as TED did when they took down Sheldrake’s speech on scientific misconceptions, his veritable swan song after a prolific career and long journey.
    Psychic connections exist between people. When my father’s parents died, I was struck with panic attacks on the nights preceding them. The first time I made no record I have found since, for I had been in the company of a skeptical friend (and drug dealer) who insisted that I had simply drunk too much coffee. The second time I wrote a poem about a suicidal friend; this piece of writing was so emotionally raw that it lost me several false fair friends on facebook.
    People frequently report such instances. They tend to occur mainly to sensitive, predominantly introverted folks. (Remarkable considering that introversion is a minority, and is thereby too improbable to be dismissed as mere “coincidence”.) these individuals can confer their experience unto one an other with a grace that others do not possess in their daily conversations. It is not a conspiracy, except in the literal sense of a convergence of spirits.
    To this day my father’s condition troubles me mystically. My last psychic attack occurred, as most do, whilst lying in my bed in our home. I knew that he was draining me, though the instinct to dismiss this fact was there, and yet I only mustered the strength to rise from bed and to confront him once, I would find upon doing so, he had all ready gone to bed. I asked; he told me that he had only just gone to bed and not yet gone to sleep at the very moment that I roused him. I checked; for about an HOUR at the LEAST I had been lying awake in agony.
    This was one of three such instances. The other night it happened I was in the bathroom, struggling with a psychosomatic ailment that went away the moment he went to bed. The other time happened in the morning hours. A long series of mostly positive dreams ended on a negative note, culminating in a confrontation with my father, who was ensconced in a black vibe. When I awoke I found that he was only just then taking the stairs downstairs. I asked; he had only just woken up.
    I have a large body of such accumulated anecdotes, both first hand and second hand. To answer your argument: no. Energy is NOT confined to the three “forms” (we have all ways liked to organize things in threes, especially post-Renaissance) that medical science has procured. Those are simply the physical forms. An other plane exists behind the proverbial tapestry. And there all sorts of things can happen. The only question remains as to how to handle it. I have found that at times it is wise to accommodate those in need, if it is a qualified accommodation. No, we cannot disprove that you drain people. And so it is not a scientific claim. But by virtue of the same principle of falsifiability we must admit that some day the entire body of scientific knowledge that you are using might be a relic. And this is a rule that you yourself imply by the title of your post.
    In such murky waters you get a lot of delusional claims. Let them not obscure the truth that they feign. Psychic transfer is as real as any thing else. You might very well be capable of it, given that even in the presence of your “deluded” patient you were able to retain (and may be drain?) large sums of it whilst his own attempts at draining back-fired horribly and left his leg a mess yet again. It’s not my place to judge of whose fault that was. But I invite you to acknowledge the other side of the tapestry. Your post seemed, from the words “any scientist will tell you” to be very pedantic (since “any one of such and such a group will tell you” is terrifying to consider) and so I elected to reply in a Socratic manner.

    • None of your statements concerning the “realness” of so called psychic ability can be supported by the Scientific Process. In fact, in every case where the Scientific Process has been brought to bear on such claims the claim breaks down under scrutiny.
      You and people like you are the reason that people are being taught to not trust Science, fact, rationality, critical thinking, etc. in favor of “magical thinking” and myths.

  5. I just looove the threats of physical violence. Please. If you met me you would do nothing. I have been threatened so many times it means nothing.


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