Home Discussion Forum Looking for pagan Witchcraft magick system?

Looking for pagan Witchcraft magick system?

I’m very interested in practicing Witchcraft, I’ve been studying it for about a year now but haven’t done any magical practices. I was hoping for some direction, maybe a spiritual teacher I could get into contact with because I’m not totally satisfied with the books I have and I think I could use some help starting off seeing as how I am a beginner. Any advice or if you could help me out, that would be great. Thanks!


  1. witchcraft is from satan himself.
    He is a liar and deciever and is trying to decieve you.
    DO NOT get into witchecraft because it will lead to much evil in your life.
    Demons will take you and possess you and take full control over you.
    You dont want to go to hell, do you?
    Pray to god and ask him to forgive you.
    Dont do witchcraft
    Praise GOD

  2. You can read books about it, but as to practicing it on
    your own, it’s just not something that you can decide to
    learn. You have to have a certain natural abilitiy which
    can’t be obtained like a fast-food hamburger…


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