Home Discussion Forum Looking for fun ideas for bathroom, but want to incorporate feng shui?

Looking for fun ideas for bathroom, but want to incorporate feng shui?

We are remodeling our kitchen and putting in a half bathroom. The toilet and corner sink will be black. (The washer and dryer will also be in the same room.) The room is located in the “wealth”/ “health and family” areas of the house. With the black toilet and sink, I thought about doing a Mary Englebreit kind of decor. I would like to do something whimsical, but if that’s not “feng shui” enough for the location of the bathroom, I would love to hear some ideas. (I’m pretty sure that we are already starting with bad feng shui with the bathroom being right next to the kitchen!)Thanks in advance for any ideas!


  1. i dont know anything about interior decorating. i just know fengshui.
    regarding the kitchen and toilet, there is a fengshui secret that you can consult a fengshui master or a practitioner how to position and locate the stove and the toilet, so that the more you use it, the more you attract wealth into your life. the formulas are pretty complicated to include here.
    next, it is not adviseable to decorate the bathroom/ toilet, because it can complicate the lives of the occupants of the house. for example, if you put a plant or some flowers in a toilet located at the west side of your house, your daughter (if you have one) can have a boyfriend who has a bad influence on your daughter and have a rebellious tendencies. and you cant do anything about it.
    the same goes with the kitchen.
    fengshui and architecture/ decoration usually dont go hand in hand. because fengshui has some rigid rules and formulas, while on the other side, architects and designers wants freedom of expression. fengshui is not about design nor decoration. it is not about painting your house mint green and you will feel calm and cool. it is about measurements and calculations that your house can be optimize for the occupants to have better lives by attracting money and health into their lives.

  2. Hi there,
    I hate to say it, but having a toilet in the wealth area of your house isn’t good Feng Shui practice. This is because Chinese people believe that the toilet is one way that wealth and good luck leave the house. Having a kitchen in that area however, is excellent.
    Putting some sort of potted plant in the bathroom will help soften the outflow of chi from the house. Something else you can try (and I know this sounds like pure superstitution) is to always keep the toilet seat cover down, and the bathroom door closed. This will stop good chi from exiting the home through the bathroom.
    In term of interior decorating, the basic rule with Feng Shui is the simpler the better. Think Zen-like simple – a couple of colours, minimalistic decorations and the sort.
    Hope that helps.
    – Jackie

  3. When I got my Feng Shui certification, our teacher told us over and over that you should never put anything gold-plated or colored or any feng shui symbolism for luck, wealth, health, etc. in the bathroom — EVER!!!!!!
    Why? Because it is believed that all the water and drains and toilet flushing makes all your wishes and dreams and desires and hopes get flushed away.
    I would encourage you to avoid gold and any other feng shui ideas. A plant is good — however, having a COMPASS-STYLE Feng Shui Practitioner come over and do FLYING STAR FENG SHUI for your home, would be a wise way to determine colors and whether plants will be a good energy in your bathroom.
    Otherwise, I would just decorate in the western style and leave out all Feng Shui…

  4. Feng Shui is the biggest load of bull to come down the interior design pipeline in forty years. Why not apply Voodoo to your bathroom design or hire a spiritalist to get the dead to guide your decisions.
    You’re much better off spending that money on a therapist to find out why you would even buy into such nonsense.


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