looking for a shaman in Melbourne australia?

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does anyone know of or know how i could find a local melbourniana shaman? dont say yellow pages i looked there already i dont just ask a question because i cant be bothered looking for myself, i looked reasonably extensively to no avail, any assistance would be greatly appreciated

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blue chaos soɐɥɔ ǝnlq jpa

Have you tried Witchvox?


Australia – Shaman Healers
Debra Davey, Healing Specialist – Dandenong, Nth. Vic, Australia
call: 0425767588 or email rainbowspirit_debra@hotmail.com
Within 20 miles of Melbourne
Shelley Houtman – Darwin, NT, Australia
call: 61 8 89812825 or email: shelley@thespiritdoctor.com.au
Australasian Institute for Shamanic Studies AISS, June Winsome-Smith and Burt Hambright – Inglewood, Western Australia
call: 61 8 9371 8221 or email: shamanicstudies@westnet.com.au
Nola DeWit, Change Now – Glandore, South Australia (also does shamanic healing)
Soul Weaving, Misha Hoo – Cape Tribulation, QLD, Australia


They generally don’t advertise and rely on word of mouth. I was recently given the details of one (i don’t live in Melbourne) from a spiritual book store. It may be worth asking around in places like that.


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