looking for a psychic or medium?





any psychics or mediums close to florida e-mail me would love to connect also have a daughter thats a medium and needs help with refining her skills


  1. if they are real psychics wouldn’t they know that you are looking for them and just show up? that should be the real test of a psychic!

  2. Didn’t you hear about that one that’s a midget that escaped from jail recently in southern Florida? If you’re lucky maybe you’ll find him before the cops do.Yeah, that’s right. There is a small medium at large.

  3. I know that there is one running around somewhere in your area, although he might be hard to find, as I believe he may be in hiding. There was a news story from your area a few days ago, which told of a midget who ran a ‘psychic’ business… fortune telling, crystal gazing, Tarot cards… you know, that sort of thing. Anyway, he had been arrested for defrauding people. He posted bond… but when his court date came up, he didn’t show up, so the cops are looking for him.
    The headline was: “Small Medium at Large”

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