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Looking for a particular Yoga book published between 1996 and 2003, bought new around 1998 I think. not sure.?

name: Good Morning Sun (Sunrise or Sunshine)
Publisher had ‘Sun’ in the name
I would like to find another copy to replace the one I lost
Appearance: White cover. Wider than tall. Approx. 11″ by 8″ Title was faint w/ small picture of a drawn sun
Not the typical Yoga instruction book that I see everywhere.
First chapter is a short history of Yoga and Yoga practice. Colored photo’s of yogi’s in everyday life. One picture was of a man in robes meditating on a busy sidewalk and an explanation of how the yogi should learn to be able to meditate anywhere even in the most uncomfortable of places. Another photo of a man with very long nails and a explanation of why.
The last chapter went over how to create your own yoga routines.
The rest of the chapters were separated into each method of yoga: Jnana, Karma, Bhakti, Raja, Hatha, tantra, etc. and went over histories, daily usage, common practice and misconceptions. Basically gave full reason, meaning, & instruction for each exercise.


  1. Yoga is devil dance so don’t go there…Why do you guys (western people) pay to get the pain. Believe me, As i am from India, i can speak about Yoga..
    Yoga is a invitation to the fallen sprits to take control (make a ‘yug’ or union) of your body. Read Ex-Yogi “Rabi Mahraj”s testimoney in Internet. Also check “Death of a Guru” in Amazon.com
    Foxdrako : So funny that you are teaching me what is yoga…Do you know what is “Kundalini Yoga”, it means Serpent power. Yoga post itself a invitation to Evil sprits

  2. John, you are using Christian terms to slander something you obviously have been brain-washed about. Yoga and union of the body refers to just that: Union of the body. There are no devils or spirits involved as there is in your religion. Yoga is about inner growth and unity of the mind body and spirit. It does not rely on outside forces to shape humanity. Nor does it call out for outside forces to change us from the outside inward. Yoga is about inner peace and understanding of ourselves and those things that influence us. It is a practice that can be applied to any religion or self-help instruction. Just because you live in India doesn’t make you an expert on a belief system that you don’t practice yourself.
    Know what you are slandering before you criticize.

  3. The absolute best place to look for the particularly yoga book that you are searching for is your nearest local public library
    Or you could try Barnes Noble or Borders bookstores !


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