Looking for a meditation retreat in India?

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I am looking for a meditation retreat in India or Tibet that lasts anywhere from 10- 30 days. Vipassana, Buddhist,.. anything simple, vegetarian, non commercial, non tourist, not expensive- perhaps at a monestary, exchange work for accomodations. Has any one gone on a retreat such as this?

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arnold d

You should be able to meditate anywhere. If you need to seek a specific place to meditate you will never have reach nirvana or whatever it is you seek “meditating”


Can easily find one on Buddhanet.
Haven’t gone on such a retreat but it would be an excellent experience to do so.
There is also a fantastic book to read on How To practice Mindfulness Meditation
online, which you can download for free at the website below:
This is the type of meditation you would learn to practice on a Buddhist retreat.


The mundax homestay retreat in Kerala India is great. Very tranquil in the lush valleys plus its very near the wildlife sanctuary. Its a great place to rest ones brain for awhile

dubai chaser

Dear Nellie ,i can guarantee you 1000% their is no plcace like MOUNT ABU where you will find Brahmakumaris retreat and meditation center , the best thing is it is an hill station completely surronded by mountains and natural beauty almost impossiable to find any where in world and it also solve your purpose it is the best best place where they teach meditation absolutely free of cost and if you contact reginal center in your countery you can get free accomodation and food of highest degree free of cost i haven,t seen and inspired by any place like in this earth,
you can visist for further inquiry to


Grace unto you, and peace,
from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.
Turning, back to the Law behind you, is biblically called a
Dog (reverse of God) or a Sow turns again to mire: Law.
Many have sow dog gone retreated: “fallen” from Grace.
Biblically they’re called “bewitched” churches: Galatains.
Perhaps you haven’t yet seen the movie: Razor’s Edge,
which portrays how sharp and narrow a narrow way gets,
forcing either a draw back (retreat) or go on to perfection.
Broad Way <---- Narrow Way ---> More Excellent Way
Pst: “draw back”(retreat) is ment’d in Heb 10:39;
but “go on” is portrayed in Heb 6:1 … Heb 13:25.
The GRACE of our Lord Jesus Christ WITH YOU ALL. AMEN.


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