Looking for a FREE Clairvoyant, who believes in helping others, anyone know of one that can help me?

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I’m looking for a real Clairvoyant that can help me with a very troubled life and death situation that i am currently dealing with at the moment, if anyone knows of one or is one, please help me out and i’ll explain in detail, thanks!

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Malik L

If it were a REAL clairavoyant, they would have come to YOU


Yeah, here I am. I knew you would ask this

Man that is an island

try the horoscope section, thats were I saw a few hanging out


when you find one check to make sure they have claimed the prize money from james randi.
wow! pangel. you must be 1 million dollars richer. grats.
at least you could go and prove it to him, even if you don’t want the money.

Pangel ((((((HUGS))))))

I dont normally do this from here
but please email me if you want … I will see if I can help
nope Miche … poor as a church mouse
but not desperate enough for Randi ” vouchers “


I am not a clairvoyant nor do I believe in them. I would just like to say however that I think some of the answers so far are unhelpful and needlessly flippant. If you are desperate enough to pose a question like that here then at least you deserve our sympathy. You have my prayers for what that is worth. Good luck and God bless.

Wayne L

All clairvoyants work for free. They shun fame and fortune.
None will take the million dollar Randi test.


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