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Locked out of the Astral Plane?

*Growls* I already asked this in the Religion & Spirituality thread. Should have expected what I got. Damn Christian skeptic takeover…I just got a bunch of crap about using more or less of whatever random hallucinogen they could think of. We really should take that thread back, get ourselves accepted there again. There is more to religion than Christianity and God, and anyone who tries to claim otherwise is an idiot. Anyway, mini-rant over. On to the explanation.
I’ve been on the Astral Plane multiple times, and I was beginning to gain a mastery of it. I was already controlling my location, astral body, and leaving or returning at will. On my last visit to the Astral, which was over a month ago, I left my body to find someone waiting for me in the Astral. She spoke to me, and when she left, I found myself caught in a sort of Astral Flicker. I was returned to my body, and when I tried to leave my bed, my body didn’t come with me. I returned to my body again with the same result. After repeating this a few times with growing frustration, I forced myself to stay in my body and left my bed. For the rest of the day, I felt as though I could leave my body at any given moment, even while standing up. I prevented myself from doing so, fearing that my body would fall and harm itself. When I returned to bed the next night, I attempted another visit, thinking she might be there again. I failed to project, instead falling asleep. This has happened every night since then. A few times, I managed to get the right vibrations for leaving my body, but I still couldn’t leave. It’s as though I’ve been locked out of the Astral Plane. I’ve gone through all the exercises to make sure I wasn’t forgetting anything, and though my life has been stressful since that last visit, I haven’t been letting it affect me, and I’m good at clearing my mind. I suspect a blocked chakra might be to blame, but I’m hoping for suggestions.


  1. lol, i see no one has answered you!, shame alot do not know of this side to our life,
    anyway, seems to me that yes you have been blocked by this woman but i think there is a reason behind it, ive not enough experience on it all but wot i have says you have been stoped from going over, why im not sure,
    there is a few poss things that is going on here,
    you are doing something on the astral plane that is not your not surposed to do and you have been stopped from passing over
    they want you to stay there indeafantly and your body was fighting back and not letting go, and now has blocked you from leaving it again,
    you have to have the silver or goldern thread, it keeps you and you earth body together and if you get lost you can find your way back again, have you been useing it?,
    hope you can get this sorted, sad that you should miss out on returning to our spirits home,

  2. I don’t think you’re locked out by this person. Projectors do have dry stretches every so often where it just doesn’t come together over and over for no apparent reason – I haven’t been out for weeks either. Sometimes a slight change in sleep patterns is enough to break the knack.
    A more annoying possiblity is that you may be subconsciously blocking progress yourself to keep your existing belief systems intact. To your subconscious this sort of contact can be extremely threatening, as it’s been trying your entire life to give you a cosy, reliable understanding of reality that completely sweeps all this under the carpet. Meaningful conversations with people who blatantly contradict all the laws of physics have the potential to sweep you way beyond denial and shatter this flawed but cherished understanding, so defence mechanisms may be involved. If you suspect this may be the case, affirmations are a good way forward. You might also want to read some Bruce Moen ( http://www.afterlife-knowledge.com/bmbooks.html ), he’s got loads of advice on belief blocks and Belief System Crashes.

  3. You are out of balance and how I would say pure contentness, and this woman image symbolises the cause of this imbalance.
    The woman may represent a force in your physical life that needs attention, that is affecting you subconsciously. Do you remember what she said, or what you felt from her? What could her presence represent in your waking life?
    Failing that, I would act out the scenario in the physical and hopefully that reverberates to the astral. Confront a woman in your life that may be blocking you in some way.

  4. I just want to mention that I’m not an expert on Astral Projecting and that I have only done it a few times accidentally but, this is what I think.
    Maybe that last part of the Astral Plane that you were unable to go to is the afterlife? What some people call heaven.
    When you said that you were walking around and you felt that you could leave your body anytime, that’s because you weren’t in sync with your body and you needed to do some grounding exercises.
    I know that you said you can clear your mind e.t.c but It sounds like you somehow may have prevented yourself by going, probably through feeling frustrated at being unable to to connect with your body, after meeting the girl. I
    I think that you should cleanse your chakras and see if you can contact your spirit guide and ask him/her to accompany you the next time you are astral travelling. As it may be that this woman wasn’t as pleasant as she appeared because, you stated that as soon as she left you had an astral flicker e.t.c. Also i don’t understand why you couldn’t connect with your body due to the silver/gold thread which we all have which bonds us to our bodies. You should also do some sort of protection ritual for your body before you astral project.

  5. Something I know a bit about however due to my…lets say spiritual disposition I am unable to do it, so all I will give is theory’s, if anyone thinks i’m wrong that’s fine, I don’t pretend to be an expert on the subject.
    From experience of similar things I assume that blocking someone would not be such an easy thing to accomplish, so if this woman has blocked you she must either be quite a powerful practitioner or an entity with enough power to do that. I would put forward that there mus be some reason behind this, as if they had the power to block you then harming you wouldn’t be an issue, they may be trying to teach you something, maybe that you’ve been on the astral plane too much recently?
    An alternative theory is that the more you think about this woman and the more you get frustrated, the more you are blocking yourself. I think you should take a break from it for a while, do some meditation and try some other things.

  6. how are you grounding yourself? you have a hanger on , cant you see that? try walking barefoot in the grass pref short grass, so your feet make a ground contact , then retry, When you get there shake off the hanger on she is up to no good ! She wants to keep you there dont let her that is why you need a good grounding pole


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