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Light + Quantum Mechanics?

Is Light a particle or a wave?????
Does the quantum theory provide any evidence???
i can’t find any sites that provide any good info so ne help will be good 😀


  1. yes
    1. Introduction
    This unit reviews one of the most important observations leading to the formulation of quantum mechanics, namely that electromagnetic radiation has both particle and wavelike properties. The wavelike properties of electromagnetic radiation are already familiar to the student from his
    contact with optical interference and di®raction phenomena. This unit therefore is concerned with the evidence for particle-like behavior. The three major pieces of evidence are:
    1. The failure of classical physics to explain the spectrum of blackbody radiation (the \ultraviolet catastrophe”), and the successful explanation given by Planck based on a picture in which electromagnetic radiation is carried in particle-like bunches called \photons.”
    2. The failure of classical physics to adequately describe the photoelectric e®ect, and the subsequent successful treatment given by Einstein based on the photon picture.
    3. The successful explanation by Compton of the increase in the wavelength of light scattered from matter, by treating the incident light as a beam of photons.
    The fact that electromagnetic radiation has both particle and wave like properties forces us to think of photons as \wave packets,” i.e. localizations of energy due to the superposition of many plane waves of different wavelengths. Thus the photon is in a sense both a particle and a wave at the same time|a notion known as \particle-wave duality.”
    The wave-packet model of the photon has profound implications for the measurement process because of the way wave-packets are constructed. It turns out that the smaller the wave-packet (the more localized the photon), the larger the spread of wavelengths needed to construct the
    packet. This implies that both the wavelength and the position of a photon cannot be simultaneously measured to arbitrary accuracy, no matter how good the equipment is|which, for photons, is the essential content
    of the famous Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.
    What does this imply about one’s ability to simultaneous measure the position and momentum of a photon? Make similar statements about the time it took to radiate the packet (lifetime of the excited state which decayed) and the spread of frequencies in the packet.

  2. It is both a wave and a particle. That duality is listed in any science book at your local library. Quantum theory just adds further spice in the nature of light being a puzzle. Since we know graviton decays into two photons, that sort of expands our views somewhat…then you get into photon tunneling and the world is not what one thinks anymore….enjoy!

  3. light is particle. Einstein was trying to proove this. I dont know
    how to explain very good. I dont learn from detailed facts. I learn from my own experiments and experiences. In enlightment state, it is when the person become a living soul.
    Its body becomes a being of light. their shadows much lighter. if you are smart, you shouldnt believe what I say, you should experiment with the light. lazers mirrors. compact disc etc. etc. god they say, is light, right? then study light. its reflections bounced back and forth. Our souls who I call our light beings. or our anti matter that exist somewhere else close to god. aura colors and the more luminous it is the more it goes with the speed of light. are you religious? You must have balanced of both science and religion. science is the way how it works out, religion is how it is within. now im off your question. but yeah light is particle.


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