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light consists of a bundle of energy called a) quanta b)quantum c)atoms d) numus?


  1. The energy contained in a single photon is called A QUANTUM of energy. (“Quantum” originally meant “an amount” or “a share.”)
    Light is made up of many QUANTA (the plural of quantum). Therefore, when talking about a whole lot of light (consisting of many quanta), it might appear that “a) quanta” is the answer to your question.
    However, I take exception to the wording of the question as you state it. That is because if anything merits the term “a bundle of energy,” it is really an INDIVIDUAL QUANTUM. That’s exactly what one quantum is — it’s an INDIVISIBLE BUNDLE OF ENERGY.
    When you say “Light consists of … ,” however, you are talking generically, that is of light in general. And the trouble with that is that light in general DOES NOT consist of “a bundle of energy” (that is, just ONE such “bundle”), it consists of MANY “bundles of energy.”
    So the language in which this question is posed CONFUSES terms appropriate to singular and plural contexts. Grrrr.
    So it’s a MISLEADINGLY SET question. (But unfortunately, not the first such kind of question.)
    Live long and prosper.
    P.S. Oh, I’m sorry, I deduce that you’re probably not a native English speaker or writer. A better way to pose your question would have been:
    “Light consists of bundles of energy called a) quanta, b) quantum, c) atoms, d) numus?”
    That is scientifically more accurate. In addition, the plural “bundles of…” then clearly invites a response that is plural rather than singular. [By the way, what did you mean by “numus”? Was that intended to be “nu-mus” as in mu-neutrinos? That’s the only interpretation (though a red herring) that I could think you might mean.] Finally, the commas (which could also be semi-colons ‘ ; ‘) more clearly separate the different possible answers.

  2. I hope you don’t go to a physicist (or an optical engineer) and tell them light is made of quanta, because you’ll just sound stupid.
    Like is quantized but it made out of photons.


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