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life, the universe, and everything?

Hello. I am 20 year old from Canada. My entire life I have been addicted to drugs, only recently kicking them. I was able to kick them because once I realized that drugs are meant to open and expand your consciousness, I had no more urges to use them.
Any ways, on topic, I have many different, very deep theories on life, and many things I have figured out in my own head (later to find a equal or similar theory already proposed by someone else).
I once was on my 11th day with no sleep or food on any stimulant you could imagine. I attempted a bike ride home, when i collapsed into the pavement. At this time, time stopped moving (or so it seemed). Colors, shapes, patterns, meant nothing. Sound was just as visible as anything else around me. I don’t even remember walking home, i just wanted to be there and i was.
Everything was far too real (if you get what i mean >.<) I was seeing the world for what it REALLY was, a big cosmic bowl of soup. Years later, I am able to notice patterns emerging in life, order out of chaos. I feel very detached at times, to the point where everything seems so very alien. After all, for example, we evolved from a blob, into a blob. At this point in evolution we are as so very similar to our friend from the primordial ooze, except we have evolved extensions (arms and legs) to interact with our surroundings. Our eyes, ears, and nose developed simply to help create the reality in which we perceive. My question then is as follows: Does any one else feel this detached from the world. Does any one else feel like this. Sometime under stress my brain goes into the fetal position and i can not even comprehend then humans natural idea of reality. its as if all the filters that have been created in the human sensory to create its reality and help it survive, have been taken down. Is there a name for this? Is it a disorder? I've came across some different possibilities, but i'm wondering if anybody could pinpoint it for me. thanks a bunch,


  1. I was a junky for years but am glad cos it made me see life/people in a different light. Although I’m clean now I still hang on to my thoughts and they haven’t changed.No there is no name for this,but I just call it mind expansion!


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