life sometimes seems a living hell. sometimes paradise. do u believe in after life wen v hav both in here?






hi people this is tripti khandelwal from vashi. im a media student. i love exploring life n questionin the beliefs that we are stuffed with by our elders. i believe in wot i see n experience n not merely becoz someone had said so, though i learn from others experiences too. if u find my question a bit confusing let me make it clear.
Do u believe in karma and then destined to be send to hell or heaven accordingly?
i hope u answer the questions seriously n yes feel free to speak ur mind.
bye take care


  1. Don’t believe in karma coz my life is crap and I haven’t done anything to deserve it. I dunno about Heaven and Hell don’t really believe that either.

  2. My beliefs are much like yours.
    Yes I believe in Karma. I believe if we give good we get good and if we give bad we cop it back also. (tenfold)
    No I dont believe in hell. I believe hell could be on earth with the way man has devastated the earth, animals and fellow humans.
    As for heaven I believe there is another dimension where our spirits go Im not sure if its heaven though.
    I believe depending on our Karma on earth would be the decision if we are sent back to earth as a flea stuck on a dogs butt or whether we go to the other dimension with our deceased loved ones.

  3. hi tripti
    my answer is complex.
    i believe that we create heaven or hell right now here on earth, and also in death- by our actions and what we choose to believe. this is the law of karma in action. whatever you put out, or cause another to experience, you get the (blessing) of experiencing the same energetic expression somehow, sometime in your life(or lives, it can take many lifetimes to work out your karma) this is the process of evolution, becoming the next highest thing. it is the tool we are given to help us ascend and develop as a soul. there is no judgment or punishment, but there are consequences. how you see the consequences can be interpreted as heaven or hell, but you aren’t sent there by some angry father figure, YOU create your own experience by the choices you make in your life.
    in the afterlife, or the time between lives, you experience what ever thought you most fervently held about death, because we are continuously creating our experiences, and when we are free of the body our thoughts manifest more quickly, thus we experience instantly what thoughts we have. but we are not doomed to stay in a negative state, because as soon as you change your thought, you experience it. so if you are in a bad place, your experience “teaches” you to think again (repent) and get it better the next time.
    Consciousness is evolving, and we are individuations of the Divine expressing as human beings, enjoying life. we are more powerful than we think. it’s how you see it that determines your experience. this is what an enlightened or self realized person knows and lives. unconditional love and perfection.

  4. i want to believe in something i can positively look forward to…
    the state of living hell or in paradise is all part of our like to believe that these are are all but examinations to prove ourselves worthy of the afterlife.

  5. My friend and I have decided to see each other in hell. Maybe we’ll get a second chance at life once we’ve spent some time with Satan. Personally, I think sinners are much more fun and I don’t want to come back to this planet and find out that we’re all communist and machines rule the world.

  6. Hi there. I believe in Karma and Life after death. Both the things are true as you look your image in the mirror and you feel alive still.
    Everything has an end in this world. For the second life, the life after death. There many scriptures that describes well enough to understand.
    So, enjoy the life Trupti and do good deeds.
    thanks have a nice day and days.

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