Life – Making sense of science & religion?

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Reality –
– God (the “what” that all is; since all is One – the whole – each is of the One, thus the same, scientifically-speaking)
– Enlightenment (the state, essence – “heaven,” “zen”)
The Being –
– Mind
– Body
– Spirit (soul)
Your comments?

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One small candle

science seeks to explain the natural processes in our world, while religion examines the supernatural. They are complementary views that both contribute toward one’s “enlightenment” and/or knowledge and wisdom.

Old man

Science is the observation, recording and explanation of the natural world.
Religion is the explanation of imaginary things.


Science and religion are merely on different sides of the same coin; they do not contradict one another; they are merely different tways to look at and experience your own life and the world. God does exist, though.


science explore and seek things that we want to know, while religion is all about how faith you have in god.


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Pious Christians please skip this question, along with anyone else that has nothing but rudeness to contribute. Other non-spiritual people please spare me....
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