Liberty University after-graduation, don't know what to do with my life – help spiritual / economic crisis?

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I am graduating from college this June and I have no idea what to do with my life. At first I thought that I was going to be a religious counsellor but then I found out that there was no such market for that. Sometime during sophomore year I no longer believed in a God and became an atheist after I found out that I was gay and couldn’t live up to this Christian hypocrisy of being straight. Now, with a 2.9 cummulative gpa, no honors, no faith in a god and no direction to go in life, I’m at a lost in what I should do
I have thought about teaching since my major was in Biology but I don’t think University of Texas @ Houstin will look at my application and then there’s always getting my credentials done at Liberty. The problem is I don’t think that public schools would react too kindly when they see I did my undergrad & cred at Liberty

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Haha you’re funny.
And I got an astrophysics PhD from Juilliard.


Jesus came to seek and save the lost. He is your only hope.


Just because you’re gay; it doesn’t mean you should add more to the pot.
Be a gay Christian, every sin is created equal; so for your 1 sin, you’re equal to if a pastor Gossips about somebody. You’s both are sinning. We’re all sinners. Get back to God; and let him lead you!


Why not start a trade?


you can go straight with some counseling….teaching is ok if they need that or consider business admin courses….mgmt are always needed everywhere..

Great Gazoo

Yeah…there is no market at all for a fake education. You should have figured that out before you went there.


I feel for you and i’m sure you’ll gain direction once you’ve sorted all your troubles out. I would go back to school at some other universty if possible and get more education from a good school. The one thing I wouldn’t do at this point is lose hope; just pick your self up and try again. you’ll find a way to move forwad if you try.


You “found out you were gay”?
Who told you,you were gay?
There are such things as Christian counselors son.You need to be delivered,and GOD is real I know from experience.Read John 3:1-5 and ACTS 2:38.
A friend of mine has a close friend who was gay and GOD delivered him from it,the man has been married for yrs now but it took him seeking GOD for a long time to get that deliverance.
GOD loves you and has a plan for your life.

Trish JPA and Jewish Pastafarian

Go back to school – but this time, go to a REAL school. And study what appeals to YOU. Nobody is going to take you seriously with a degree from Falwell’s excuse for a university; you don’t have a prayer with UT Houston with anything less than a Master’s degree – from a REPUTABLE university.
Just go back and start over, and don’t tell ANYBODY that you’ve already been through a school. You’re not dead yet.

Angel Eyes

My heart goes out to you for the turmoil that religion has brought into your life. At least you learned that Christianity is hypocrisy. So you got something out of it. The fact you are gay, there is no sin in that. I personally am a heterosexual, have been all my life.
At one time, I looked down on Gays and Lesbians. I was raised a Christian and my head was filled with a lot of fear and non sense. I abandoned the Christian theories. And became an Agnostic, I believe there is a divine source in the Universe.
God, I don’t know about. What I do know about, is there is life after death, because I remember my last life, and that we have free will in this life to make it into whatever we choose to do. School teachers are being laid off 30% of them got pink slips here in my state.The economy is a factor for you. You could do a lot of work helping the disadvantaged, the sick and the poor. If you reviewed your life and realized, it wouldn’t take all that much money to make you happy.
Instead of evolving your bank account, you could evolve your Soul. After all that’s all we take back with us when we leave. This is the dimension of learning, and sometimes sacrifices are apart of the learning process.
You sound like you have many Blessings already.


Even with a 2.9, why couldn’t you take courses to get your teaching certificate?
I had to look on the web to even be sure that Liberty had a Biology program; I hadn’t known they did.
If you have your B.S. in the sciences, go for it, no matter what college it came from.


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