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LGBT: How gay is it that I just skipped into the kitchen made a bowl of ice cream, then came back to the…?

the computer to sing “My hands” in a girl’s voice?
Lol, and you think I’m playing too 😛
Scale of 1 -10
@Alex: It’s a sense of humor. Get one.
@Alexis NOT PBANDJ. Sorry Alex, you’re cool <3


  1. a 10 and then,
    Magnolia blossom child, let me tell you this. some time ago a duck billed platypus flew over my garden and all the flowers started singing. so ever since then every time i walk out of my palace and in to the public eye all the flowers of the world jump out of the ground and fly to me singing and dancing and spraying me with their perfume, every human on earth comes to shower me with silver and gold begging to kiss my :====> because i am the most fabulous gay god that they have ever laid their eyes upon.
    now you can be like that too.

  2. Did you engage in any sexual activity with a member of the same sex during the occurrence of these events?
    If not, “gay” is not an applicable word to apply to this situation. Nothing you mentioned has anything to do with sexual orientation.

  3. On a scale of 1-10, 1 being ~bland~ and 10 being FABULOUUUUSS~~~, I’d say “It’s over nine-thousaaaaand!!!1one”
    My hands just makes me think of FF13. :3

  4. Hmmm i can’t quite rate that. but if i knew you fairly well and then watched you do that, I’d most likely laugh my @$$ off. lol


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