LGBT: Do gay people have rainbow colored auras?

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LGBT: My friend who claims to be a bit of a psychic says that gay people tend to have multicolored or “rainbow” colored auras, as opposed to just blue, black, purple, etc. Have you ever heard this or been given such a reading?
I scoffed at first and told her it sounded like Rainbow Bright or My Little Pony, but she swore it’s true. She said it’s because gay, lesbian, tran/pan-sexual, etc. people are more diverse, creative and animated; “more lively souls” than others. Any thoughts?
Thank you,

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I’ve never heard this about auras before.
However, if you accept the notion that some people can see auras, then it’s not a far leap to say that different people will see them differently, depending on their type of psychic ability. So… maybe?

Fairy Funny Guy

I have and do see them, and they do tend to be only with gay people. I think it is because we gays tend to be more open with the wide range of feelings we have within ourselves. I will say, that it is not necessarily a “rainbow” of colors, but more like they have about 2-3 different colors. Each color has it’s meaning, associated with different moods and/or psyche.


Hmmm… I don’t think your sexuality has to do with making you more diverse or creative. 😛
I’ve never heard of that rainbow colored aura before. I have two friends that like to read auras but none of them have gone into detail about it with me before. I’ll definitely make it a point to ask them though, that’s very interesting.


I personally think she is full of it. My dad can see auras and they are typically one …maybe two colors…. NOT rainbow. I think the reason she says this is that the rainbow is used as a symbol for homosexuality. Also, Auras change color with emotions so it would be odd to have a rainbow colored aura. My dad never mentioned a rainbow dancing around my best friend who is gay either.


Last weekend, I had my future read by someone. She automatically knew I was gay, without the knowledge of knowing so beforehand.
Two weekends ago, a guy read my future and he talked about my “wife.” Let’s just say, I didn’t sit down for his reading too long.
I’ve never heard about aura colors, and how one would define each color, etc. But maybe my aura was rainbow, and that’s how she knew? Lol. 😉



❤*いちご *ケキ*❤

If thet’s true, that’s really cool! It sounds about right, i find LGBT people are more creative, imaginative, ect.


Sorry I don’t have a valid answer, but I just wanted to say I cracked up when I read ‘I scoffed at first and told her it sounded like Rainbow Bright or My Little Pony’
I might edit in some thoughts when I can think straight.
edit: Tell your friend to get off of the ganja and she’ll stop seeing those psychedelic colors. I’ve heard of auras before, but I only hear of people having a single colored aura. I think she’s really good at making up lies on the spot.

Rob R

Dear Omega, I am amazed at the things your friends tell you. Auras, as I understand them, have to do with the emotion or mood of a person. It may be very difficult to fully show more than one mood or emotion at a time, but I would say it’s possible that, while changing from one mood to another, there may be as many as two or three colors around you. I find it hard to believe that a rainbow is possible. Perhaps in a person with multiple personalities? But then again, isn’t it true that only one such personality can be in charge at any given time?
Well, Tris, this is a mish mash of thoughts but I hope it makes sense to you. While it doesn’t seem possible to me, the idea of a rainbow aura is interesting and the sight of it must be beautiful. If I were ever to find a person capable of such an aura, I believe you might be the one. With your many ways of thinking and being, I believe you could be surrounded by a beautiful radiance, with beams of light pouring out of you. Such beauty can only come from a source of pure love and truth. I know you would be too humble to admit it, but I believe you could be capable of that. Well, on that thought I am heading to sleep and I hope we all have sweet dreams. Goodnight dear Tris.
~Rob R

♥ Sweet Judy♥
rose p

There is an unfortunate poem which goes
There’s a rainbow round my shoulder and it’s driving me to death
For the rainbow round my shoulder is the aura of your breath.
Perhaps your friend had the misfortune to do a reading for such a person.
Rose (sceptic) P.


Everyone else has answered this for you…
I see auras and only see a colour or two at a time. My aura is usually cream/blue coloured. It depends on how I feel. I’ve seen gay people auras and NEVER seen a rainbow colour.
By the way, I know lots of lively, creative and animated straight people. I also know many depressed and down gay people.
Go figure.


I wish, it would make it a hell of a lot better to find other gay guys.


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