Home Discussion Forum levitation with the super naturals mind powers...how it is possible?

levitation with the super naturals mind powers…how it is possible?

i want to levitate truely.i belief it can be possible but i dont know the method to do it.some say breathing exercise,chakras,kundalini or other activities.plz tell me how to levitate


  1. No one will ever levitate. Only Christ walk upon the water, and when Paul stepped out of boat onto the water when Jesus called to him, Paul was doing fine then got scared and started to sink. Jesus had said where is your faith? Anything is possible through Jesus.

  2. Very true William. There have been priest’s who by the the divine power of God have been lifted off of the ground without even knowing it. I forget who it was but one of them said that if he started to levitate he wanted somone to grab him by the ankles and yank him back down. There are very evil and morbid ways of levitating but i would highly suggest staying away from the dark arts of Satanism. If you really want to levitate buy a 200,000 real working jetpack.

  3. I personally have never been able to do this but I have read about people who have. Keep experimenting with different ways of meditation an try some mind visualization exercises including your senses. Imagine your self floating. Feel the lightness of your body and the freedom of not being earth bound. The mind is fascinating. I believe that in the rite state of mind you can manipulate almost anything cellular including your body. It can be done, but I think the tecniques and experiances are diffrent for everyone.


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